CSZ Staff Season Predictions: Louisville Football

Jeremy Wahman


We are going to exceed expectations this season. Malik will find a rhythm early and grab the momentum to have a 3k yard passing season with only 9 ints. We will have 3 700 yards receivers and 2 700 yards rushers. This will accompany a top 20 defense that is vastly improved. Brown, Cort, D-Nic and company will turn the ship around this season and the defense will spark the offense and give them many opportunities to score. 40 ppg is not or of the question. 8-4 is my worse case scenario. This is the year we beat Clemson. #55Lock #AlmostTime

Jeff Nunn


The 2021 team will look more like the 2019 team than the 2020 team. But this team is more talented than the 2019 team so expect a good offense and a top 25 defense. I do think it might take a bit to get the offense to where we would like it to be but the defense should be solid from the first snap. With 70 freshman (out of 115 players) on the roster, I’m excited to see a lot of the young talent grow up this year. It’s going to be a good year and all the cardinal faithful deserve it after the Covid plagued 2020 season. Be sure to check out my annual game by game predictions.


High Ceiling: 8-4 Low Ceiling: 6-6

The offense will be a lot better than last year because of the fresh rotation of running backs & receivers. I believe this defense will be better than last year. The special teams will be the biggest question mark this year. I’m just worried about building big expectations & not meeting how the fan base will react.

Shawn Barbour 


The Cards defense will create turnovers they didn’t last season and the offense will protect the football and finish drives with points instead of turnovers. UofL will win 8 games and surprise people.

Cards Hive


Wins against EKU, UCF, FSU, Wake, Virginia, BC, ‘Cuse, and Duke, losses to Ole Miss, NC St, Clemson, and UK. I think Malik has a year resembling 2019 more than 2020 and we finish top 30 both offensively and defensively. Cards are officially back.

Katie Goben


Cards win 7, including starting the season off with a bang against Ole Miss. Fans quickly forget the South Carolina drama from the off-season and Satterdays are back rolling. Finding consistency on offense is the main issue the team has but the veteran defense wins us a few close ones. Go Cards!

Ben Gumbel


Louisville will bounce back, just not at the level a lot of people are probably expecting.

Sam Basden

8-5… with a Bowl game victory.

I think the Louisville defense has a good showing on Sept 6th, but the Lane Kiffin coached uptempo offense is a bit too much for Louisville. Ole Miss 48-42 Cards get their 1st victory of the year and the talent discrepancy stands out for Louisville. Cards win 52-10 UCF, this is a toss up for me. I think playing Ole Miss 2 weeks prior helps the Louisville defense adapt to what UCF wants to do on offense, but the Louisville offense struggles just enough to allow UCF to squeak out a victory. UCF 42-37 FSU is another toss up for me. FSU is FSU, it’s no question that they have the talent, but can they consistently play up to their potential? I think the Cards get unlucky here and FSU put a complete game together. FSU 38-27 Wake is always an interesting game, Louisville gets back on the winning with a huge victory over the Demon Deacons. Cards win 51-31 UVA, I don’t what psychological hold the Cavaliers have on Louisville, but Louisville rarely plays good against UVA….until this year. Cards win 42-27 A new look Boston College that loves to throw the ball around will make for an interesting game for the Louisville defense. The defense proves that they are legit and gives BC fits all game. Cards win 45-17 NC State is a team that is always right there, always so close to turning the corner, is this the year they finally do it??? Might not, but the Wolfpack still beats the Cards, 31-20 Clemson, a loss. 45-17 Duke, Louisville takes out their frustration on Duke and beats the breaks off of the Blue Devils. Cards win 56-20 There will never be a year where I pick Louisville to lose to the team up the street. Sometimes they might have better talent, but Louisville has the better coach 95% of the time and has the better program ALWAYS!!! Cards bring back home the Governor’s Cup Trophy with a 45-35 victory. Cards finish the regular season 7-5 and wins the Bowl game.

Dalton Pence


Ultimately, I think the Cardinals split the non-conference slate with two wins and two losses. With losses coming to Clemson, North Carolina State, and Virginia; Louisville will be bowl eligible once again, this season.

Jacob Pratt


Malik has a much more productive season, and so the team has many less turnovers as a result. Defense finishes ranked in the top 30ish nationally.

CSZ staff

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