CSZ Staff Predictions: Louisville vs. Ole Miss

Jeremy Wahman

Louisville 38 – Ole Miss 17

The Cards defense is improved and smothers the rebels. 3 defensive turnovers including a score prove to be the difference. Also Malik thrown for 220 and rushes for 117.

Jeff Nunn

Ole Miss 42 – Louisville 31

My hope is that the Cards control the clock and relegate the Ole Miss offense to spectators. I honestly believe the Cards will be some what effective in that plan. I can easily see Louisville with two 100 yard rushers as Ole Miss tackles as well as Higgy refuses free doughnuts.  I think the Under is the play. My score prediction is solely based on Las Vegas lines and totals.


Louisville  38 – Ole Miss 35

Ben Gumbel

Ole Miss  48 – Louisville  37

Louisville will keep it close throughout, but ultimately it won’t be able to keep up with the Ole Miss offense. Despite a loss, I think I’ll probably leave the game feeling a lot better about future of this team.

Dalton Pence

Ole Miss 42 – Louisville  28

I think Ole Miss will win this one because of the offense’s explosiveness. I give the edge to Louisville when comparing defenses, but the Rebels’ personnel on offense mixed with Lane Kiffin’s genius leads me to believe that Cards will open up the homestand 0-1

Jacob Pratt

Louisville  45 – Ole Miss 38

High scoring affair, but Louisville’s defense is better.

Sam Basden

Ole Miss 48 – Louisville 42

I think the Louisville defense has a good showing on Sept 6th, but the Lane Kiffin coached uptempo offense is a bit too much for Louisville.

Mitch Motley

Ole Miss 51 – Louisville 38

Defense struggles to stop the big play. Offense keeps up for a bit, but Ole Miss’ offense is too much. Louisville scores a late touchdown to make the score respectable.

Shawn Barbour

Louisville 35 – Ole Miss 24

Jalen Mitchell with over 100 yards, maybe 150.

Cards Hive

Louisville 35 – Ole Miss 31

Malik will have a clean game while getting 300+ total yards and 3 TDs. Defense forces Corral into a couple game changing mistakes

Katie Goben

Defense hangs tight most of the game but Lane’s wild offense takes control late in the game and we can’t close the gap.

Ole Miss 42 – Louisville 35

The staff consensus average is

UofL  36.54     Ole Miss  38.00

Las Vegas Line = Ole Mss -10

Over/under = 76

CSZ staff predicted average odds =  Ole Miss -1.46   Over/Under= 74.54

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