Louisville Football Alums Make Bold Predictions

Usually around this time of year I put out an article giving you some of my BOLD predictions for the season. Some years I ask our staff to give theirs as well. This year Jeremy Wahman and I reached out to a few Louisville football greats of years past to give you their BOLD predictions. And at the end, I’ll still give you my bold predictions as well.

Deion Branch 

 “Louisville will go undefeated this season.”

Robbie Bell

“UofL beats UK by 4 scores +”

Mason King

“Mitch Hall with a hit/fumble recovery!”

Preston Brown

“I’ll say go undefeated in ACC”

Jaylen Smith

“Malik Cunningham, Heisman winner and Louisville has 2 all ACC receivers.”

Keith Kelsey

On Ole Miss game – “I have us 23-21. Malik to have 200 passing yards and 3 TD’s – 2 in the air and 1 on the ground.”

Ja’Quay Savage

“Louisville to win ACC Championship” and “Louisville will lead the country in Sacks”

Keith TowBridge II

“We make to the ACC championship this season play against North Carolina. We win by a field goal. QB1 Wins Heisman this year.”

Jeremy Wahman

“This is the year we beat Clemson”

Jeff Nunn

  • Yaya Diaby finishes top 3 of the ACC is sacks
  • Trevion Cooley leads Cards running backs in rushing Yards
  • Yasir Abdullah will dislodge an opponents helmet in highlight tackle
  • Cards D has 3 players voted 1st team all ACC led by Kei’Trel Clark
  • Ben Perry win ACC defensive rookie of the year




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