UofL-UCF Play-By-Play Calls Synched To Video

Friday night was really special. It was months of frustration and aggravation that were released at once. With two deflected passes over back-to-back plays, it summed up the way most of us felt about Cardinal Football. We wanted to believe, but we just knew how things go.

I have been a huge advocate for letting the season play out and to not overreact, but alas, that’s not how most of social media works. I saw the promise. I knew that teams can have high expectations and not meet them.

In the case of the Mississippi game, we ran into a really good team. One that has the leader for the Heisman Trophy at the helm; even if it’s only 3 games. Game 2 we played down to the level of our competition. That also happen, but we still won by 4 touchdowns! And people were pissed!

Game 3 we played a fringe top 25 team and our team played up to the level of our competition. We showed the real us. Even if we had lost, I saw enough improvement that I knew this was the real team. However, we didn’t lose because, in the blink of an eye, a mishap for us turned into misfortune for UCF.

Now I know what you are thinking, “HEY! YOU PROMISED US VIDEOS!” We will get there.

Shout out to the crowd, the team, the coaches, and the city. This win was for the city and we needed it. Thank you Louisville Football.

In that spirit, I reached out and got the audio from both schools so I could play it and you could enjoy. If you haven’t heard it yet then here you go. It’s in the story

BUT WAIT…..there’s more! I managed to get the audio synced with the video just for you all. I hope you enjoy. Go Cards! Beat FSU!

Paul Rogers


Marc Daniels



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