CSZ Podcast Season 3 Episode #7 GameDay Prep: FSU With Guest TJ Pittinger

I decided to branch out and start a new column called GameDay Prep starting with the UCF game. You all liked it and read it so much I thought…hmm…let’s keep that up. So, that idea evolved into me thinking of how much easier it would be if I recorded it and could play off of the questions and answers. That sounded fun to me. This week’s opponent is FSU so that seemed like as good of time as ever.

FSU is a team that a lot of kids looked up to around here. Most of the Louisville fans liked FSU (Hi Larry Obannon) and most of the blue kids liked Miami. That is just how it was in Candlelight subdivision and the surrounding areas.

I talk to the host of the Double Fries and no slaw podcast, TJ Pittinger. TJ and I discuss the rivalry between UofL and FSU, vacation spots, what’s up with FSU this year, game predictions, and much, much more. Check it out.

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