Uniform Report: UofL Vs Florida State

Week 3 has arrived and Louisville football is looking to build on the momentum they seized in last week’s game against UCF. They also want to look good while building on it. For this week’s road contest against FSU, the Cards are going with an icy look.

✔️ White Helmet

✔️ White Jersey

✔️ White Pants

The helmet is solid white with a red face mask and white Cardinal head logo outlined in red. It’s a new version of their white helmet and it looks sweet. Where “Belief” was written last week, this week the phrase “L1C4” is written and the L is the colored in red and is the old English version.

The white jersey is making its 2021 season debut. As with the red jersey, the white has similar upgrades. There is a winged feather design on the shoulders and collar and on the shoulders. It appears to be outlined in the color gray. The numbers and letters are colored red and have a black outline that, as with the red jerseys, gives the appearance of a shadow.

The white pants are the same white pants worn in the EKU game. Solid white with a white Cardinal head logo, mirroring what is on the helmet, outlined in red.

Louisville looks to go to 3-1 on the season against a struggling FSU team that is 0-3 with a loss against an FCS program. One thing is for sure, the Cards will look good when they take the field Saturday.

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