Louisville-FSU Greatest Games: 55 Edition

OK CardNation! We are almost to GameDay vs the Florida State Seminoles! The Cards and Noles will face off tomorrow at 3:30 on ESPN2. I had an idea to post my favorite games from this rivalry so that is what I am gonna do. I am starting off with a loss, but I promise the list gets better!

The CSZ Podcast crew and myself break this game down on the CSZ Podcast located here. Then I went on to interview FSU blogger and podcast host extraordinaire, TJ Pittinger for the brand new GameDay Report here. You have to check out his podcast, Double Fries and No Slaw here! TJ was a good sport and I felt like I was kicking it with my Bourbon loving friend. Check It out!

WIthout further adieu, Here are my Top 3 Louisville-FSU games. I also have an honorable mention as well. I hope you enjoy! except one of the honorable mention ones……

Honorable Mention #1: He Crequed it through the uprights…. (2017)

I was ay Impellizzeri’s eating some cold in the middle pizza and I was mad…at the pizza. The game was a gutsy game and it all rested on the foot of Blanton Creque as he nails his first ever game winning FG.

Honorable Mention #2: The Loss (2014)

This was one of the craziest environments I have ever been in at the stadium. THE craziest comes up a little later. Even in a loss, this game was unreal. I knew even though we were up big that we didn’t have the experience to hold onto it. A Louisville fan asked me why I wasn’t more excited and I told him….they have Dalvin and Jameis, that’s why.

#3-The Bright Spot (2020)

Last year was a less than admirable season here in the Ville. However, there was one bright spot that lifted us up last year. Also, Jordan Travis threw his first TD in Cardinal Stadium since he threw a pick-6 to Georgia Tech the last time…..probably.

#2-The Rain Game (2002)

This was a game that I was supposed to be at and wasn’t. It was raining too hard, we were gonna get sick, or whatever excuse the wife made. I still resent her to this day for that decision.

#1- FSWho? The Cards Spear The Seminoles (2016)

This game was special for more than one reason. First off, myself and Steve Rummage had the honor of doing the pre-game show for CSZ on 93.9 The Ville from 6 to 9 am. I am not a morning person, but on this day I got up even earlier so that I could point my friend Lauren Jones, formerly of WAVE, towards the RRTG so she could interview them. They also got on SportsCenter that morning too. I then got to go to College RainDay, I mean GameDay and it was a cool experience as well.  However, the coolest part was getting that vindication from 2014 and beating that butt up and down the field. That was truly one of the best overall teams we ever had. It is a game and a moment that I will never forget. I ended up on the concourse with Steve and my brother Chris. Very special. By the way….I picked Louisville that morning on the show….

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