Locked On Louisville Podcast: Week in Review

Cardinal Sports Zone recruiting analyst and football beat writer Dalton Pence is the host of a daily podcast called Locked On Louisville. The shows last around 30 minutes each and cover anything and everything surrounding University of Louisville athletics. Here is a recap from this week’s episodes.


Title: Louisville Football’s Heartbreaking Loss to Virginia, Bad Fourth Quarter, Initial Takeaways

Description: Dalton discusses his initial takeaways and reaction from Louisville’s heartbreaking loss to Virginia, while analyzing the good (rushing attack consistency), the bad (overall defensive performance), and the ugly (fourth quarter meltdown). He also conducts the weekly Monday Mailbag.

Link: https://traffic.megaphone.fm/LKN6998974524.mp3?updated=1633957226


Title: Louisville’ Football Improvements, Bowl Eligibility, Hassan Hall’s Big Day

Description: Dalton analyzes what improvements are needed for Louisville football in the second half of the season, while explaining why reaching bowl eligibility will be tough for the Cardinals, but not impossible. He also explores why Hassan Hall’s big game against Virginia bodes well for the rushing attack moving forward.

Link: https://traffic.megaphone.fm/LKN6341571851.mp3?updated=1634049501


Title: CSZ’s Jeremy Wahman, Louisville Football Remaining Schedule, Year Three of Satterfield

Description: Dalton is joined by Cardinal Sports Zone Co-Founder Jeremy Wahman to discuss their predictions for Louisville football in the last half of the season, while analyzing what the Cardinals need to do to have a successful season overall. The duo finishes the show by analyzing where the offense and defense are, respectively, in year three of Scott Satterfield’s tenure.

Link: https://traffic.megaphone.fm/LKN9812900384.mp3?updated=1634130703


Title: Shane Young, Donovan Mitchell, Terry Rozier’s Extension, Montrezl Harrell

Description: Dalton is joined by Forbes.com NBA writer Shane Young to discuss why he believes Donovan Mitchell and the Utah Jazz will make the NBA Finals this season, why the Terry Rozier extension was a good move for the Charlotte Hornets, and why it’s hard to predict what Montrezl Harrell will do with the Washington Wizards.

Link: https://traffic.megaphone.fm/LKN7308266026.mp3?updated=1634217739


Title: Louisville Football: Offensive & Defensive Game Balls, Unit Report Cards

Description: Dalton gives out offensive and defensive game balls to Malik Cunningham, Marshon Ford, Yasir Abdullah, and Jack Fagot for their performances in the first half of the season. He also gives out report card grades for both the Louisville offense and defense through the first six games,

Link: https://traffic.megaphone.fm/LKN1857929079.mp3?updated=1634305934


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