CSZ Staff Predictions: Louisville vs Boston College

Jeremy Wahman


Louisville 34 – Boston College 21

The Cards finally put together 4 quarters of football and have 4 down lineman at all times. They expose the qb who has played 3 fcs quality teams and still has a 5-5 td to int ratio. Malik has 500 yards of total offense and we rush for 200 as a team.

Jeff Nunn


Louisville 38 – Boston College 24

This is a must win game for the Cards in my opinion. Coming off a bye week, at home and sitting at 3-3 with only 2 other games left that the Cards will be favored = Must win.



Louisville 31 – Boston College 14

Boston College defense can’t hold our offense down. Malik has a career passing day. Marshon & Watkins each have 100yds

Ben Gumbel


 Louisville 37 –  Boston College 20

No repeat of the UVA debacle. The Cards go ahead early and cruise against Boston College in a must win game.

Dalton Pence


 Louisville 42 – Boston College 35

The Cardinal offense picked up where it left out before the bye week and scores in bunches. The defense sees a tactical shift in the pass rush but BC’s balanced attack is a problem.


Jacob Pratt


Louisville 35 – Boston College 17

Defense takes another step forward and Malik adds 3 TDs to his season total.

Sam Basden


Louisville 40 – Boston College 23

Louisville bounces back from a very very difficult loss to UVA. Cards put together a nice game on both sides of the ball. The offense continues to get better and better as the Cards hang 40 on the Eagles.

Mitch Motley


  Boston College 33 – Louisville 27

The hangover from last game’s loss still lingers. Cards start sluggish and come up short in a comeback effort.


Shawn Barbour


Louisville 40 – Boston College 28

Offense scores as usual. Defense plays much better and gets some timely stops. BC gets some points early, but struggles late as UofL defense finds a groove. Malik throws for 300 yards.




Louisville 31 – Boston College 27 

Cards use the bye week to regroup and get somewhat healthy. The offense will face their first real test against a solid BC defense. Ultimately, I think the absence of Phil Jurkovec will be too much for BC to overcome.

Katie Goben


Louisville 42 – Boston College 17

The bye week came at the perfect time and the Cards rested and reset (physically and mentally).

The CSZ staff consensus average is

UofL  36.09 – BC 23.54

Las Vegas Line = Louisville -6.5

Over/under = 57

CSZ staff predicted average odds = Louisville -12.5   Over/Under = 59.63

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