CSZ Podcast Season 3 Episode #18: GameDay Prep Clemson & Shawn Spencer RTR

Welcome to this week’s episode of the Cardinal Sports Zone Podcast. On today’s show, we bring you another edition of GameDay Prep!

Today, we will talk to someone who represents a site that I have followed from the very beginning of our acceptance into the ACC. We had them on our radio show back when we were on ESPN here in Louisville. Its called Rubbing the Rock and they are one of the best at what they do. Today from RTR we have my guy Shawn Spencer!

We talked about a variety of things. We discussed how darn nice their fanbase is, why Clemson isn’t the high powered offense of old, what each team has to do to win and much, much more. We talk crap about obnoxious fanbases too. I had a blast! You will not want to miss this….

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