Quick Hitt5R5: Louisville Basketball Edition

Well, I finally got to watch the game with a little time left in the first half. Just enough time to see Matt Cross dislocate his finger. Ouch. Well, here is what I came away with from the game. Positives first.


-I did not realize how much I missed pressure and pressing until I saw it tonight. Makes me feel things…..happy, makes me feel happy.

-Matt Cross did things with 8 usable fingers that most of the kids out there can’t do with 10…..crazy.

-El Ellis is showing a lot of promise.

Interested in seeing how Jarrod West develops, but looks like a game manager out there like Peyton. However, Imma need him to shoot like him too.

-Locke will hit 6 threes in multiple games this season… reminds me of the kind of shooter that can get hot and stay hot.

-You know, Sam just may be the guy that plays better from the bench. You cant explain it, it just happens.. Another double-double.

-I do think first game jitters got to them. Once they gel they will excel.

-Balanced scoring. 3 Cards in double figures and 2 with 13 or more rebounds.


-Took us a while to get going. Can’t let that happen.

-Rebounding was bleh.

-FT% was abysmal.

-Fast break offense.


Cards win 72-60 and will play Furman Friday night at 7 pm on….SONOFAFISH……ACCNX. Hopefully, that will be available without being blacked out

Go Cards!

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