Happy Birthday CSZ (By Justin Renck)

By Co-Founder Justin Renck

It’s hard to believe it has already been 10 years since the launch of CSZ! Clearly, a LOT has happened in the world of UofL athletics in that time. We went from the Year of the Cardinal to whatever the heck we are going through right now. Sheesh. Never a dull moment.

This whole thing started when Jeremy, Steve, and me just wanted an outlet to bring people the latest news. We accomplished that. As time went on, we found our own lanes, what we thrived in with our individual roles. Now Jeremy runs the site, Steve is on the radio every day, and I am writing for Card Chronicle. So while we went our different ways, we really just jumped to the forefront of what our lanes were. We are all doing what we were supposed to do.

I am glad to see the site still running how it is. My only request to you, the reader, is to keep supporting the local blogs, sites, podcasts, things of that nature. There are a lot of good people in town doing this stuff and working hard. Your support is what drives those people to keep going.

I have no idea how the current state of Louisville athletics shakes out. It’s a mess. But as always, we will get through it. This fanbase has been training for this moment for the last several years. So stick together, and always know that no matter what, it’s GO CARDS!


Editor’s Note- Justin has meant more to this site than he may have ever realized. Yes we all 3 had the talent but without his ability to create a website, structure and drive we are not 10 today. We are not here as CSZ today. Thank you Justin. Go Cards and Go Krogering (Sorry for stealing your line)

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