Cardinal Sports Zone Podcast Episode #100: THE REUNION (Ft Steve Rummage & Justin Renck)

On this episode of the CSZ Podcast, coming to you live from the Fitness Market Studios North, We go back in time! Since it is the 100th episode of the CSZ Podcast I thought I would get the band back together and do another podcast. Join myself, Justin Renck and Steve Rummage as we go back through Ten years of memories about CSZ and a few years prior to the beginning of our friendships. We had to record Two separate days due to scheduling but we got it in like always and I offer a directors cut while Justins part plays over the speakers for Steve to hear. We had a blast! I also purposely have the worst current events segment ever as I wrote that part of the show 2 weeks ago before we lost everyone. You won’t want to miss this episode!

Also if you didn’t notice we started numbering them overall instead of splitting them up by season. Tell us if you like it better this way or you want us to go back.

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