2022 National Signing Day Early Period Signees

Today begins the early signing period for 2022 Louisville Football commits. Throughout the day, young prospects will sign their name on the dotted line of their National Letters of Intent to play football for our beloved University of Louisville. As the names flow in, CSZ will add them to the list below:

Also hear what Coach Scott Satterfield had to say about FlyVille22 in his signing day presser!

Scott Satterfield

Maurice Turner

  • Rating: 3 Star
  • Position: RB (likely position at UofL though listed as a WR by 247sports)
  • Height: 5’8
  • Weight: 170 lbs
  • High School: Coffee
  • Hometown: Douglas, GA
  • National Rank: 1222nd
  • Position Rank: 163rd
  • Offers: Louisville, Cincinnati, Tennessee, and Western Kentucky, among others
  • Highlights: Click here

GA native Maurice Turner is a prospect with a lot of speed. Playing WR and punt returner in high school, it’s likely Turner will transition to a role as a RB in Louisville’s offense. This can be seen in the fact that UofL Running Backs Coach De’Rail Sims was one of his primary recruiters. Turner is both fast and elusive with the football in his hands and should be a home run-hitting type of offensive weapon. I expect he will likely get a chance to return punts here at UofL. With his versatility, I wouldn’t doubt UofL will sometimes line him up or motion him in the slot to create mismatches.

Popeye Williams

  • Rating: 4 Star
  • Position: DE
  • Height: 6’3
  • Weight: 230 lbs
  • High School: Westfield
  • Hometown: Westfield, IN
  • National Rank: 351st
  • Position Rank: 25th
  • Offers: Louisville, Alabama, Arkansas, Cincinnati, Michigan State, Penn State, Purdue, and uk, among others
  • Highlights: Click

Popeye Williams is the second-highest rated recruit behind a fellow defensive line commitment. A sack artist, he uses his speed and quickness to get around and by offensive linemen to harass and sack the opposing QB. He’s also very good at getting in the backfield on run plays and blowing them up. Once he gets to UofL and adds some weight, Williams has the chance to be a special pass rusher the likes of which UofL hasn’t necessarily had in recent memory.

D’Angelo Hutchinson

  • Rating: 3 Star
  • Position: S
  • Height: 6’3
  • Weight: 185 lbs
  • High School: Northeast
  • Hometown: Saint Petersburg, FL
  • National Rank: 1193rd
  • Position Rank: 97th
  • Offers: Louisville, Iowa State, UCF, Western Kentucky, among others
  • Highlights: Click here

D’Angelo Hutchinson is a long, athletic safety prospect with a ton of upside. He can be a physical safety that you can use to blitz a QB or in the box as a run-stopper or he can play centerfield and defend the pass. I really like Hutchinson’s ability as a deep safety playing the pass. He’s very good at reading a QB’s eyes and going aggressively after passes to pick them off. His height means he can go up and high point passes over receivers. Hutchinson can also lay big hits on receivers coming over the middle. A do-it-all type of safety, Hutchinson can develop into an actual playmaker from the position. His speed allows him to be a threat to return any interception deep into enemy territory.

Max Cabana

  • Rating: 3 Star
  • Position: OT
  • Height: 6’5.5
  • Weight: 275 lbs
  • High School: The Williston Northampton School
  • Hometown: Easthampton, MA
  • National Rank: 1383rd
  • Position Rank: 133rd
  • Offers: Louisville, Wake Forest, Central Michigan, among others
  • Highlights: Click here

Max Cabana is a classic under-the-radar type of player. UofL is pretty deep on the offensive line and he’s a big strong kid that could develop over time. Cabana is a nasty run blocker that drives his legs and opponents backwards. He can toss smaller, quicker defenders to the ground. After seeing the massive offensive line improvement under O-Line Coach Jack Bicknell, I think Cabana will have a chance to develop into a good offensive lineman for the Cards.

Izaiah Reed

  • Rating: 3 Star
  • Position: OT
  • Height: 6’6
  • Weight: 295 lbs
  • High School: Jackson North Side
  • Hometown: Jackson, TN
  • National Rank: 853rd
  • Position Rank: 74th
  • Offers: Louisville, Mississippi, Boston College, Western Kentucky, among others
  • Highlights: Click here

Izaiah Reed is a large man and he stands out on film. His strength matches his look as he can throw defenders of all sizes to the ground. He’s a very good run-blocker, churning his legs and driving defenders yards and yards backwards and driving them into the ground. Reed launches out of his stance quickly and gains leverage on defenders. With the offensive line already pretty deep, I expect Reed to be used sparingly early on as they develop his strength and pass blocking skills. However, I foresee him becoming a starter at one of the two tackle positions in the future and a potential anchor for the offensive line.

Nate Kurisky

  • Rating: 3 Star
  • Position: TE
  • Height: 6’3
  • Weight: 235 lbs
  • High School: Gonzaga
  • Hometown: Washington DC
  • National Rank: 1016th
  • Position Rank: 57th
  • Offers: Louisville, Georgia Tech (former commit), Boston College, Miami, Michigan State, Purdue, among others
  • Highlights: Click here

Nate Kurisky is a long, athletic TE that is a weapon in the passing game. He’s able to go up over smaller defenders to snatch passes or use his body to shield bigger defenders and make tough catches. A good route runner, Kurisky gets open pretty consistently. While not the fastest, he’s got good speed to pick up yards after the catch and get big chunk gains. Kurisky will likely need to add weight to his frame, but he’s already pretty naturally strong. His highlights are basically all showcasing his ability as a receiver at his position. In Coach Satterfield’s offense, he will definitely need to be a blocker. His balance, footwork, strength, and athleticism lead me to believe he will be a good blocker. Kurisky is such a good receiver, I can see UofL doing what his high school team has done and line him up wide occasionally to get a mismatch. Nate Kurisky should be a nice weapon in the passing game, especially on 3rd down and in the red zone.

Khalib Johnson

  • Rating: 3 Star
  • Position: QB
  • Height: 6’2
  • Weight: 200 lbs
  • High School: Clay-Chalkville
  • National Rank: 700th
  • Position Rank: 40th
  • Offers: Louisville, Virginia Tech, Kansas, Louisiana, USF, among others
  • Highlights: Click here

Khalib Johnson is definitely the QB of the future. He’s a pass-first guy that is excellent delivering the football from the pocket. He stands tall and looks very comfortable maneuvering in the pocket and is willing to take a hit to make a pass. Johnson is mobile, though, and can run to pick up positive yards and keep plays alive to make a pass downfield. Johnson is very good at reading defenses and finding the open receiver. He’s got a good, strong arm and can deliver accurate deep balls as well as short and intermediate passes. Johnson is good at recognizing blitzes and making the hot read. He’s also very good and using his eyes to manipulate DBs. One pass that is a staple of Coach Satterfield’s offense is the deep post. Johnson hits that pass perfectly regularly. I expect UofL to be able to utilize the play-action game quite well with Khalib Johnson. It will be interesting to see if he can come in immediately and back up Malik Cunningham because if he can, UofL will know they have their QB of the future for sure early on.

Tiyon Evans

  • Rating: N/A (Transfer)
  • Position: RB
  • Height: 5’11
  • Weight: 220 lbs
  • College Transferred From: TN
  • Hometown: Hartsville, SC
  • Highlights: https://youtu.be/45OEI1Go6wE

Tiyon Evans is a RB that will likely come in immediately and challenge for the starting RB job. He’s an immediate impact transfer. Evans is a runner with a unique blend of power, speed, and elusiveness. In all honesty, he reminds me of Javian Hawkins with his running style. He’s obviously bigger than Hawkins, but that blend mentioned above is very Hawkins-like. He was able to produce at a high level in the best football conference in America the SEC. I expect Evans to come in at UofL and provide a homerun-hitting aspect to the running game. Even if he doesn’t start, he’s going to get plenty of carries to help the offense.

Mohamed Sanogo

  • Rating: N/A (Transfer)
  • Position: ILB
  • Height: 6’2
  • Weight: 239 lbs
  • College Transferred From: Mississippi
  • Hometown: Plano, TX

Mohamed Sanogo just committed last night to UofL and signed today. A transfer from Mississippi, Sanogo is a tackling machine. He’s an excellent form tackler that can really hit hard. He’s got good speed sideline-to-sideline and is excellent and shooting gaps and getting tackles for loss. He’s rarely out of position, which is why he’s such a good tackler. In pursuit, he can chase down stretch run plays and never gives up on a play. It’s obvious he plays with a ton of heart and energy. Sanogo is almost certainly going to start at ILB next to Monty Montgomery and will be expected to fill the vacancy left by the departing CJ Avery.

Dee Wiggins

  • Rating: N/A (Transfer)
  • Position: WR
  • Height: 6’3
  • Weight: 175 lbs
  • College Transferred From: Miami
  • Hometown: Miami, FL
  • Highlights: https://youtu.be/9upxy-fLRno

Dee Wiggins is a speedy, good sized receiver from Miami. At 6’3, he can go up and make athletic catches, but he also can run nice routes and outrun coverages. Wiggins will definitely line up wide is likely replacing the departing Jordan Watkins. His ability to run the deep post well should help UofL as that is a pass the Cards use consistently as a staple of their deep routes. The speed Wiggins has is second only to Tyler Harrell in my estimation.

Christopher Bell

  • Rating: 3 Star
  • Position: WR
  • Height: 6’2
  • Weight: 220 lbs
  • High School: Greenville Christian School
  • Hometown: Yazoo City, MS
  • National Rank: 1380th
  • Position Rank: 182nd
  • Offers: Louisville, Mississippi State, Maryland, Western Kentucky, Southern Mississippi (former commit), among others
  • Highlights: Click here

Christopher Bell is a signing day pickup for UofL. A former Southern Mississippi commit, Bell was getting interest from home state school Mississippi State before choosing UofL. Gunter Brewer was the lead guy for Bell. At 6’2 220 lbs, he’s got good size. Bell gets good release at the line and is able to get open consistently, especially on in-breaking routes. With the football in his hands, he can make guys miss, outrun angles, and run through tackles by smaller DBs. Bell is also very athletic and can get up and high point the football on contested catches. I expect he will likely see some time as a freshman, but play a much larger role as a sophomore.

Makhete Gueye

  • Rating: N/A (3 Star 247sports)
  • Position: OT
  • Height: 6’7
  • Weight: 260 lbs
  • High School: Venice
  • Hometown: Venice, FL
  • National Rank: N/A
  • Position Rank: N/A (105th per 247sports)
  • Offers: Louisville
  • Highlights: N/A

Makhete Gueye is a native of Senegal that came to the US as a basketball player. However, he started as an offensive lineman for Venice High School this season. It was a surprise because Gueye has apparently never played American football before this season. That should tell you he’s a great athlete, strong, very intelligent, and a quick learner. Obviously this is an out of left field prospect. UofL is his only known offer, but the fact he’s a basketball player by trade should mean he’s got great footwork. Some of his highlights in his signing day tweet from UofL show a slender build. However, his frame seems easily capable of adding more weight and strength. In run blocking he actually shows quite a bit of natural strength, pancaking linebackers and d-linemen. In pass protection, his footwork looks really good, he’s got a nice wide base and good lateral movement. The obvious improvement Gueye will need to make is in size. He’s going to have to add weight. He will likely redshirt and be brought along slowly. There’s no doubt he’s got skill and with the offensive line depth, he should be able to have ample time to develop. Makhete Gueye is definitely an intriguing prospect.

MJ Griffin

  • Rating: N/A (Transfer)
  • Position: S
  • Height: 6’1
  • Weight: 195 lbs
  • College Transferred From: Temple
  • Hometown: Saline, MI
  • Highlights: https://youtu.be/PDNt5fnLbDw

MJ Griffin almost was a Card out of high school, but things didn’t work out back then. However, things have come full circle and Griffin joins the Cards as a transfer from Temple. Griffin is a safety I expect to slot into the spot vacated by Qwynterrio Cole. He’s got excellent speed sideline to sideline and is a good tackler that gets some big hits. I suspect he will be used a lot in run support by UofL. His 4 pass breakups show he can cover as well. He reminds me just a little of Calvin Pryor. I’m not saying he’s going to be exactly like Calvin Pryor, but I see some similar traits.

Selah Brown

Selah Brown

  • Rating: 4 Star
  • Position: DL
  • Height: 6’2
  • Weight: 251 lbs
  • High School: Louisville Male
  • Hometown: Louisville, KY
  • National Rank: 341st
  • Position Rank: 42nd
  • Offers: Louisville, Illinois, Northwestern, Boston College, uk, Missouri, Stanford, Purdue, among others
  • Highlights: Click here

Selah Brown is a hometown kid every UofL fan wanted to get. A 4 Star prospect at a position of need in your own back yard is a must-get and UofL got him. Brown is a guy that can line up at end or tackle for UofL. He lives in opponent’s backfields, hurrying or sacking QBs and collecting tackles for loss. His initial burst at the snap is elite and his acceleration is amazing for a player his size. Brown is strong enough to fight off and through blocks to make tackles. I expect him to be a true playmaker on the defensive line. He is Louisville’s highest ranked recruit in this class. I think he will play tackle quite a bit because his skills at that position will be a nightmare for interior offensive linemen to deal with. A hometown kid that wanted to play for his hometown school and got his wish. It’s a great thing to see. I suspect Brown will be in the rotation early in his time at UofL. I suspect ACC linemen will be sick of seeing him when he’s done at UofL.

Chance Morrow

  • Rating: 3 Star
  • Position: WR
  • Height: 6’6
  • Weight: 185 lbs
  • High School: West Charlotte
  • Hometown: Charlotte, NC
  • National Rank: 840th
  • Position Rank: 119th
  • Offers: Louisville, Miami, Oklahoma, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Virginia Tech, Old Dominion
  • Highlights: Click here

Chance Morrow has been a long time UofL commit. A very long and athletic WR, Morrow is a matchup nightmare for opposing DBs. At 6’6, he’s taller than probably every DB he will face in college. He’s a good route runner, excellent at tracking the ball in flight and adjusting his body to make difficult catches, and is a receiver that you can literally throw the ball up and he will get it. Chance Morrow will likely be a starter eventually for the Cards. He will be a big time target in the red zone and a guy that will be a target on 3rd and longs. His potential could be through the roof.

Devaughn Mortimer

  • Rating: 4 Star
  • Position: WR
  • Height: 5’9
  • Weight: 160 lbs
  • High School: Dillard
  • Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • National Rank: 337th
  • Position Rank: 50th
  • Offers: Louisville, Florida State, West Virginia, Penn State, Texas A&M, Arizona State, uk, among others
  • Highlights: https://youtu.be/FivcxcMLrFc

A signing day surprise! Devaughn Mortimer flipped his commitment from Florida State and signed with UofL. A little poetic justice for UofL fans. Mortimer is a 5’9 speedster that immediately reminds anyone watching his highlights of Tutu Atwell. Mortimer can fly and he is super elusive, carving through defenders once he has the football in his hands. He’s a threat to score anytime he has possession of the ball. Mortimer is a slot receiver which is another reason the Atwell comparisons are made. It’s not hard to see that he will likely be used to go deep over the middle and in the jet sweep Coach Satterfield likes to use. Mortimer can also be utilized with screens and as a check down because he can take any short yardage catch and break it for a big gain. A fantastic flip by the staff on this one. Devaughn Mortimer has star potential.

Tawfiq Thomas

  • Rating: 3 Star
  • Position: DT
  • Height: 6’3
  • Weight: 325 lbs
  • High School: Gaither
  • Hometown: Tampa, FL
  • National Rank: 891st
  • Position Rank: 121st
  • Offers: Louisville, Iowa State, Kansas, Arkansas, Cincinnati, Miami, Michigan, Maryland, among others
  • Highlights: Click here

Tawfiq Thomas is a big DT that definitely has ACC size. Standing 6’3 and weighing in at 325 lbs, Thomas is a prototypical DT/NT. He can wreck interior offensive linemen and blow up run plays designed to go between the tackles. Thomas is able to not only command, but beat double teams with his shear strength. He is routinely able to shed blocks and make tackles for loss. UofL fans have clamored for more beef on the line and the staff addressed it this class and Tawfiq Thomas in the example. He’s big, strong, and will make any opponent think twice about running between the tackles.

Below, you can read a press release from UofL about the 2022 class

Press Release From UofL Athletics:

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – University of Louisville head football coach Scott Satterfield announced the signing of 17 players to the 2022 signing class, with six student-athletes enrolling in January.

The group includes 11 offensive players, which features four wide receivers and three offensive linemen. The defensive side features six players, including two defensive linemen and a pair of linebackers.

In total, 13 states are represented, with Florida leading the way with five student-athletes.

The class is headlined by four Power 5 transfers in running back Tiyon Evans (Tennessee), wide receiver Dee Wiggins (Miami), linebacker Momo Sanogo (Mississippi) and safety M.J. Grifffin (Temple).

Evans played one season at Tennessee, leading the team with 525 yards and six touchdowns, including 120 yards and a touchdown in the season opener versus Bowling Green.

A highly-touted wide receiver, Wiggins played two seasons at Miami. He finished fourth on the team in both receptions with 31 and receiving yards with 358.

Sanogo, a four-year player at Mississippi, finished the 2021 season with 26 tackles, 1.0 tackles for loss and an interception. His best season came in 2020 with 60 tackles and 4.0 tackles for loss.

A two-year player at Temple, Griffin closed the 2021 season as the Owls’ second-leading tackler with 65.

Head coach Scott Satterfield inked one of the top players in the state of Kentucky in defensive end Selah Brown. A product of Male High, Brown was a four-star prospect who was a finalist for the Kentucky Football Coaches Association Mr. Football Award.

Outside linebacker Popeye Williams is one of the highest rated players in the class. A four-star prospect, Williams was a three-time all-state honoree and finished his senior season with 96 tackles and 10.5 sacks.

The Cardinals added a quarterback in the class with the signing of 6-foot-2, 220-pound Khalib Johnson from Pinson, Ala.. Johnson threw for 5,478 yards and 72 touchdowns.

Besides the transfer of Wiggins, the Cardinals added three other wideouts in Chris Bell from Yazoo City, Miss., Chance Morrow from Charlotte, N.C., and Devaughn Mortimer from Fort Lauderdale, Fla.  Bell is a speedster who guided Greenville Christian to a state title and has been timed at 22.5 in the 200-meter run. Morrow is a big target at 6-foot-6, while Mortimer caught five touchdown passes to lead Dillard High to a state title. 

Nate Kurisky, a tight end from Washington, D.C., caught 30 passes for 570 yards and two touchdowns at Gonzaga.

The Cardinals beefed up the offensive line with the signing of Max Cabana from Easthampton, Mass., Makhete Gueye from Bradenton, Fla., and Izaiah Reed from Jackson, Tenn.

Running back Maurice Turner from Nicholls, Ga., is a four-time all-conference performer who was named the Region 1-5A Athlete of the Year as a junior. 

D’Angelo Hutchinson from St. Petersburg, Fla., recorded 213 career tackles and 15 interceptions at Northeast High.

Tawfiq Thomas. a defensive tackle from Tampa, recorded over 200 career tackles at Gaither High.

Name                                                 Pos.           Ht.            Wt.                 Exp.            Hometown/Previous School

Chris Bell                                            WR             6-2            220                 Fr. Yazoo City, Miss./Greenville Christian

Selah Brown                                      DT              6-2            250                 Fr.                   Louisville, Ky./Male

Max Cabana                                       OT              6-6            285                 Fr. Easthampton, Mass/ Williston-Northhampton

Tiyon Evans                                       RB              5-11          220                 Jr         Hartsville, S.C./Tennessee

Makhete Gueye                                 OT              6-7            270                 Fr. Bradenton, Fla./Venice Senior

M.J. Griffin                                         DB              6-1            200                 So.             Ypsilanti, Mich./Saline

D’Angelo Hutchinson                         DB              6-3            185                 Fr.  St. Petersburg, Fla./Northeast

Khalib Johnson                                  QB              6-2            220                 Fr.      Pinson, Ala./Clay/Chalkville

Nate Kurisky                                      TE               6-3            225                 Fr.      Washington, D.C./Gonzaga

Chance Morrow                                 WR             6-6            200                 Fr.                                                            Charlotte, N.C./West Charlotte        

Devaughn Mortimer                           WR             5-11          178                 Fr.     Fort Lauderdale, Fla./Dillard

Izaiah Reed                                        OG             6-6            295                 Fr.       Jackson, Tenn./North Side

Momo Sanogo                                    LB               6-2            240                 Sr.           Plano, Texas/Mississippi

Tawfiq Thomas                                  DT              6-4            325                 Fr.                  Tampa, Fla./Gaither

Maurice Turner                                  RB              5-10          180                 Fr.                 Nicholls, Ga./Coffee

Dee Wiggins                                       WR             6-3            195                 Jr.                      Miami, Fla./Miami

Popeye Williams OLB 6-3 230 Fr. Westfield, Ind./Westfield

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