Nunnsense | Exit Interview Series Part 1 – Aidan Robbins

Aidan Robbins is a running back who played for Manual High School here in Louisville. He committed to the University of Louisville in June of 2018. He officially signed in December of 2018 and enrolled in February of 2019. The 3 star recruit, saw action in 1 game of the 2019 season as a freshman. In 2020 as a redshirt freshman, he appeared in 6 games with 5 rushes for 10 yards. Due to Covid eligibility rules, the 6’3 230-pound Robbins was a redshirt freshman again in 2021. He entered 4 games with 2 rushing attempts for 41 yards and an impressive touchdown against Duke. On January 11th, Aidan officially entered the transfer portal. He will transfer with a degree and three years of eligibility remaining.

While Aidan is currently looking for a place that fits him, he took the time to answer some questions for me and to send one last message to all of Card Nation.

Aidan Robbins Interview

CSZ – I want to start off by saying congrats on getting your degree. Ultimately, that’s why we go to college with football just being an extra curricular activity. But I also know how important football is and how much hard work you put in, so thank you for all your hard work and dedication to Louisville. It’s much appreciated.

You ready? Let’s Go,

CSZ –  As a hometown kid was Louisville always your dream school or did you ever wonder what it would be like to go away for college?

ARGrowing up, of course Louisville is the favorite. I remember watching greats like Mike Bush, Brian Brohm, Teddy, Lamar, and Jamon Brown. Although Louisville was the dream program, my recruitment remained neutral, and I was willing to leave home if necessary.

CSZ –  The 5-0-2 had gesture after a touchdown – was that something you guys talked about continuing from Reggie or was it just a natural reaction after you scored?

AR The 5-0-2 gesture that I threw up after I scored was natural to me. It wasn’t anything we necessarily talked about, but it’s always something that you watch other hometown heroes do growing up which primes you to want to do the same. 

CSZ –  I have to be honest, when I saw you were a grad transfer I was like, “how did he graduate in 2 years?'” The Covid season really messed me up on how long everyone has been here and their eligibility. I’m straight now as others pointed out its been 3 years. How did the Covid season affect you as far as in the classroom? Was it mostly online and you must have taken advantage of summer classes as well. Right?

AR Of course, being in school year-round definitely helps. Although I graduate in May, I am fortunate to be in this position. I was blessed to have the opportunity to graduate from one of the best High Schools in the country in 3.5 years and enroll into Louisville early with some credits already. Covid did end up backing me up a couple of credit hours because it affected the number of hours we were allowed to take during the summer semester. 

CSZ – Any places you are really looking hard at to transfer too? Is playing time the thing that will influence your decision the most or will location be a big part so you can stay close yo your family?

ARNo, I don’t necessarily have just one school in mind. My decision to transfer was for athletic and academic reasons being that I also wanted to obtain my masters at another institution maybe with a more prestigious MBA program. Location is not an issue either. 

CSZ – Speaking of family, your dad had some very passionate things to say on Twitter. I can’t say that he was wrong either. When it comes to the end of Clemson game, we had the ball 1st-and-goal on the 2 yard line. I would have ran the ball straight up the gut with our biggest back. What play would you have called?

ARIf I was in charge of play calling the Clemson game, I would have called an inside zone play (40/41). When you get in the red-zone, it’s about your will to dominate the man in front of you.

CSZ –  I think Trevion Cooley has a chance to be a very special player here art Louisville. As a guy in that running back room, what do you think about Cooley? Can he be the future?

ARTrey Cooley has a very bright future at UofL. He’s a quick learner, hard worker, and a very talented individual with all the attributes to be really successful. That’s like my little brother, and I’m proud of the strides he’s made since he arrived on campus.

CSZ – With a very crowded backfield, I assume the main reason for leaving is playing time. Did the offensive scheme play into your decision at all or was it solely playing time?

ARYeah, I just believe I wasn’t necessarily a schematic fit for them and what they had planned for the offense

CSZ –  What is your relationship with Coach Satterfield like? You guys on good terms?

ARMy relationship with Coach Satterfield is good. I have never had an issue with Coach Satt or anyone else on the staff.

CSZ –  Before you head off to your new school, you get one last meal in Louisville – you can go anywhere you want for free and you can take three teammates with you. Where are you going and who you rolling with?

ARIf I had one last meal in Louisville I think I’m going to head to The Eagle and I’m bringing Marshon Ford, Allen Smith, and Renato Brown.

CSZ –  With the departure of so many receivers would you have considered switching to receiver (if the opportunity was presented to you) just to stay at UofL or are you 100% a running back?

ARIf thats what the team needed, yes I would definitely consider making the switch. However, I personally feel my talents can be most effective at Running Back. 

CSZ –  Can you describe the importance of Chris Morgan to you and all the Louisville athletes?

ARChris is more than a great person. I have been attending FCA events at UofL since I was in middle school and I have always admired Chris’ unconditional love for the players. I have been in multiple bible study groups with Chris and wouldn’t trade the relationship we have developed for anything. 

CSZ – What are your thoughts about some of the local kids committing to UK instead of staying in Louisville?

ARI personally feel indifferent about local kids committing to UK. They recruited me hard as well and you always have to do what’s best for you and not what someone else wants you to do. Aside from that, you have to go to a program that recruits you hard, wants you and values you as a person, student and athlete. 

CSZ –  I know he went to a rival high school but did you talk to, give advice or help local kid, Selah Brown, at all during his recruiting process?

ARNo I didn’t have any influence on Selah’s recruitment, but I know he’s good friends with my little cousin; Gilbert Robbins at Manual.

CSZ – Do you have any regrets during your time at Louisville?

ARAlthough everything may not work out the way you want it to, I choose to live my life without regrets. 

CSZ – If Vince brought in Jeff Brohm as head coach for next season, would you have stayed at Louisville?

ARI definitely would have considered staying, because Coach Brohm recruited me hard coming out of High School as well and I have a ton of respect for Purdue and his staff. 

CSZ – You have the floor to send one last message to all of Card Nation and your local fans that support you no matter what. Go…

ARTo Cardnation,

Thank you for supporting a hometown kid. I wish nothing but the best for the University of Louisville moving forward. I will forever be a cardinal. #L1C4

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