CSZ Staff Predictions: Louisville vs USF

CSZ staff

Jeremy Wahman


Louisville 48 – USF 17

USF is a run option team & for whatever reason we defend the combo qb better this season. It will look like this have gotten better when in fact we can just tackle from a standing position better than having a running start. Their qb has not thrown a td all season which means he will throw for one against us. Not a very accurate qb & has already thrown 4 ints this season. He also only has 1 target so putting our best defender on him should neutralize him.

Jeff Nunn


Louisville 38 – USF 28

On paper, Louisville should win by 3 touchdowns. But things have not gone like they should on paper and I’ve lost all confidence in this staff. However, I believe there is enough talent on this team to win this game despite the coaching staffs incompetence.



Louisville 28 – USF 14 

I think the offense finally gets started early but still needs show they are true offense we have been looking for all season. Defense plays a lot better but watch out for their QB (former Baylor QB) he has the skills to beat us but doesn’t really have position players around him to.

Trevor Edwards


Louisville 31 – USF 14 

]2 different running backs score on the ground and Malik adds 2 more and we just wear them down by running the ball and with small doses of the pass Chris bell if he plays will be interesting to watch to see what we do with a big wide receiver.

Sam Basden


Louisville 41 – USF 24

Louisville bounces back from a bad loss to FSU. Cards go 2/3 against the state of Florida this season. Cunningham continues to work his way up the UofL leader boards, hopefully the Cards utilize Ford and Huggins-Bruce more in the passing game. The defense should continue to make strides and create turnovers to get the offense more opportunities to put points on the board.

Shawn Barbour


Louisville 42 – USF 21

USF is able to score points, but Louisville’s offense improves again and gets its first 40-point game of the season.

Blake McCauley


Louisville 37 17 USF

Cards get back on track and the defense should look better this week as USF has ONE receiver with over 4 receptions on the year. The D will force a couple turnovers and make way for Malik & Co. to run wild on the Bulls.

Dalton Pence



Ben Gumbel


USF 28 – Louisville 24

Prove me wrong, Cards

The CSZ staff consensus average is

UofL   – USF

Las Vegas Line = Lou -14.5

Over/under = 64.5

CSZ staff predicted average odds =   Over/Under=

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