CSZ Staff Predictions: Louisville Vs Virginia

CSZ staff

Jeremy Wahman

Virginia 21– Louisville 17

With Malik out its gonna take a Mike Watkins, Brian Brohm, Will Gardner, Kyle Bolin or Evan Conley type performance. What do ask of those guys have in common? They came in for a heralded starter after not playing all year & performed. Can he get it done? He’s intelligent & a really good kid. Can we add Brock Domann to that list? Yes. Will we? That remains to be seen. Did I follow the assignment? Not yet. If we are missing Malik, Tiyon, Cooley & Mitchell it’s gonna be hard to win. Even against a Virginia team that even their own fans don’t believe in. A bad team should be able to beat a team that are limited & not used to playing. I hope I’m wrong. But if anyone can get the win it’s Brock…

Jeff Nunn

Virginia 55 – Louisville 0

I know there was said to be some changes but I’d be willing to bet Satt will still be calling the plays. I’ve lost faith… Not in the players but the people who put the talent into position to make plays. Until I see changes, I just can’t pick the Cards to win. I still hope they win and I’ll cheer for them, but can’t/won’t predict victory. My prediction will be 55-0 from here on out.


Virginia 24 – Louisville 14

Malik not playing causes the to be more vanilla than it already it is. Defense gets stops but Brennan Armstrong makes the plays for UVA.

Dalton Pence

Virginia 28 – Louisville 17

I’m not sure what to expect in a Malik Cunningham-less Louisville offense. The hope will be for the rushing attack to set the tone and alleviate some of the pressure on Brock Domann. Regardless, the Cards have only won once in Charlottesville since joining the ACC, and I’m not sure they’ll be able to get it done tomorrow.

Trevor Edwards

Virginia 28 – Louisville 14

When I pick us to win we lose when I pick us to lose we win That’s my rationale. lol

Shawn Barbour

Virginia 24 – Louisville 13

Even if Malik plays will he be 100%? I don’t know. What I do know is Louisville, even with demonstrably better teams, has struggled and lost in Charlottesville. Even in their lone win with Heisman winner Lamar Jackson, it took a last second TD to win. So, with all this history and a Malik Cunningham who may or may not play and may or may not be 100%, I think the Cards struggle again. Should they lose? No. They should be the better team, but we also believed this about the game against BC. I hope I am wrong because in this case I don’t want to be right.

Ben Gumbel

Virginia 24 – Louisville 20

The CSZ staff consensus average is

UofL  16 – Virginia 25

Las Vegas Line = Lou -3

Over/under = 50.5

CSZ staff predicted average odds =  Virginia -9 Over/Under= 41

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