Louisville Men’s Basketball At ACC Media Day 2022

Louisville Men’s Basketball took part in the annual ACC Media Day today. It was Coach Kenny Payne’s first big chance since his introductory presser to speak to media and, by proxy, to fans. Joining him were team captains El Ellis and Sydney Curry for the ACC Media Day presser. 939 the Ville also had Cardinal Insider host Jody Demling in Charlotte where he spoke with Coach Payne one-on-one.

Coach Payne gave  great insight on his recruiting philosophies, this year’s team, and how he uses his experiences to help develop his players. His interview and presser are chock full of info any Card fan will want to hear. Check all the interviews out below.

Jody Demling talks to Head Coach Kenny Payne (Courtesy 939 the Ville Radio)

ACC Media Day Presser

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