CSZ Staff Predictions: Louisville Vs James Madison

Jeremy Wahman

Louisville 48 – JMU 17

I think the Cards do allow some garbage time points but at the end of the day the Cards remind JMU what conference they play in. This has beat down written all over it. The consistency is there & I’m ready to let go of my worries. Defense wins Championships. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Jeff Nunn

Louisville 28 –  JMU 21

Louisville is averaging 29.8 points per game. They are throwing for 221.1 yards and rushing for 197 yards per game.

James Madison is averaging 38.6 points per game. They are throwing for 286.6 yards and rushing for 194.1 yards per game.

I get it that the level of competition is different but I fear this game will be closer that we all think and hope it should be. I hope I’m wrong but this seems to be a let down game. I’d take JMU and the points as well as the under. Still, the Cards prevail and become bowl eligible.


Louisville 42 – JMU 21

Cards offense finally catches up to the defense but they defense has decent game & continues this turnover craziness.

Sam Basden

Louisville 42 – JMU 13

Cards get their 1st 4 game winning streak in the Satterfield era. Last game the defense led the charge, this game the offense will take center stage. Cards beat JMU 42-13 behind some very gaudy rushing numbers and the defense continues to improve.

Shawn Barbour

Louisville 45– JMU 10

I think UofL takes care of business. They come out and dominate. The 10 points are garbage time points. The momentum keeps building for the Cards heading into the last 3 games.

Trevor Edwards

Louisville 24 – JMU 7

The JMU touchdown comes late in the 4th cards keep rolling defensively.

Dalton Pence

Louisville 31 – JMU 17

Defense steps up again but the offense works to get back on track.

The CSZ staff consensus average is

UofL 37 – JMU 15

Las Vegas Line = Lou -7.5

Over/under = 52.5

CSZ staff predicted average odds = Lou -22  Over/Under= 52

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