Nunnsense | We MUST Be Patient This Basketball Season

As I scroll through social media, I am almost embarrassed for some of you in your responses to the struggles of this Louisville basketball team. You have every right as a fan to be frustrated and to want better for your team. Thats just part of being so invested in your team. It hurts to lose or not be at a level you expect…I get it… I really do. But how are you helping things by taking to social media and calling out players or calling for the coach’s job exactly 1 game into season one of a rebuild? You are doing more damage than good. Bottom line is we need to be patient. It’s going to rough for a while.

I understand the argument that we are Louisville basketball and we expect greatness always and we should never be a program that needs to be in a “rebuild.” I agree. We are a program whose season goal should not just be to make the tournament, but unfortunately, that’s exactly where we are due to past leadership and the slow moving inept NCAA. You can waste your time arguing with each other over who is to blame that we are in this situation, but it won’t change anything so please stop blaming and/or defending the past leadership. It’s over… they are gone… the past is the past… time to move forward and focus on the future.

I’m not sure how many of you actually listened to KP’s introductory presser, but based on your responses, you either didn’t listen or thought he was joking when he basically said it’s going to get worse before it gets better and we have to do it together. Skip to 35:00 mark and then the 49:30 and listen closely, please!

Say what you want about the 5 years awaiting the NCAA decision, but it 100% affected recruiting. Some argue that it didn’t, but they are wrong. Please tell my why a grad transfer or any transfer that wants to try to get to a Final Four would transfer here with the possibility of a post season ban looming overhead? That’s a huge reason why KP wasn’t able to land a guard. But Jeff, he got BHH before the IARP decision. Yes, you are correct. However, BHH told KP he wanted to come play for him for 1 year and wanted KP to get him into the league. Post season play wasn’t a concern for him.

So what is KP working with that you guys think they should all of the sudden be a top 10 team. Well, last years team was..

  • Record: 13-19 (6-14, 11th in ACC)
  • PS/G: 67.3 (273rd of 358)
  • PA/G: 70.1 (203rd of 358)
  • SRS: 4.23 (112th of 358)
  • SOS: 7.01 (57th of 358)
  • ORtg: 98.9 (266th of 358)
  • DRtg: 103.0 (247th of 358)
  • FG%  42.2 ( 276th of 358)
  • 3pt% .309 (306th of 358)
  • FT%  .674 (312th of 358)

Of all these not so glorious stats, he loses these key contributors,

  • Noah Locke (9.6 ppg)
  • Malik Williams (9.5 ppg and 8 rpg)
  • Dre Davis ( 7.4 ppg and 3 rpg)
  • Jarrod West (6 ppg and 3 apg)
  • Matt Cross (6ppg and 4rpg)
  • Sam Williamson (5.6 ppg and 4 rpg)
  • Mason Faulkner (5 ppg and 3 rpg)

and returns these,

  • El Ellis (9 ppg and 2rpg)
  • Sydney Curry ( 7 ppg and 4 rpg)
  • Jae’lyn Withers (6 ppg and 4 rpg)
  • JJ Traynor ( 1.6 ppg and 1.4 rpg)
  • Roosevelt Wheeler ( 1.6 ppg and 1.7 rpg)

When KP was hired there wasn’t any of the top 100 recruits uncommitted. However, he was able to bring in some pieces to fill in for some of what was lost from last years team. The talent level of this current roster is not what we expect as Louisville fans. There is some “Louisville level” type of talent on this team, but not enough and there is no superstar or first team all-conference type of players. There is no doubt in my mind that it will get back to the level we expect, but it will take time.

Another thing this team currently lacks is the know how to win. KP will slowly teach them and build back a winning culture … but that’s not something that can’t be instilled overnight. It takes time.

Card fans, I know we are not in the ideal situation or a situation that a program at the level of Louisville should ever be in, but reality is we are in a rebuild. The very definition of rebuild is to build (something) again after it has been damaged or destroyed. Yes, our program has been damaged. It’s going to take time and during that time the best way to help is to be patient. I’m not going to sit here and promise you that KP will win a championship while he is here, but what I will promise you he will get us back to the level where we are in the conversation for a Final Four almost every year. KP knows what Louisville basketball is and what it means to all of the fans. He will lead us back, but it won’t happen overnight. As fans we just need to support this team and watch them get better as the year progresses. I still believe this team can make the tourney.

As Always, GO CARDS!

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