Cardinal Sports Zone Podcast Episode #173: Saturday Night Live With Peyton Siva

On this episode of the CSZ Podcast, coming to you live from the Fitness Market Studios North, Jeremy is joined via restream by Higgy to talk about the all that’s going on in the land of the Cards. But wait, there’s more! The squad was joined by a guy who was THE catalyst of the 2013 National Championship run for the University of Louisville, Peyton Siva!!!!!!

On this episode we catch up on things because it has been a month since we’ve been on. Sorry Y’all. We open up with Basketball starting 5’s, how everyone has been doing, Football coming up in a month and as we started to break down the TBT, none other than Peyton answered my Hail Mary & came on to catch up & talk TBT. Such a great dude that I always enjoy talking about. There’s also your normal Jeremy & Higgy shenanigans that you love. That and much more that you don’t want to miss!

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