Visitor List- Louisville Football Vs Murray State

Here is the list of High School prospects attending the Louisville Football vs Murray State Game tomorrow night at 7:30pm on the ACC Network. Everyones Twitters are below the chart & attached to the Tweet.

Grad Class First Name Last Name Positions High School State Key Offers Stars
2025 Logan Russell OC Ballard HS KY
2025 Maurice Stephens CB,WR Ballard HS KY
2025 Duece Bailey QB Bowling Green KY
2025 DeMauriah Brown RB Boyle County KY
2024 J.T. Haskins SAF Bryan Station KY Louisville               3
2025 Jordan Haskins Bryan Station KY
2025 Jackson Lockhart SAF Cathedral IN
2025 Amontez Woolfolk ATH, WR Central KY
2025 Avaion Johnson CB, SAF Central KY
2025 Cortez Stone RB Central  KY Louisville, Purdue, WKU               3
2025 Ben Stotts OG,OT CAL KY
2027 Ja’Hyde Brown ATH CAL KY
2026 Garyon Hobbs CAL KY
2026 Chapman Russell WR CAL KY
2026 Colin Daniels QB CAL KY
2025 Dylan Stewart OG,OT Conner KY
2024 Zah’ron Washburn RB Manual KY EKU4`
2025 Braydon Underwood ILB Manual KY
2024 Clay Hammer ILB Manual KY
2025 Antwan Jhogue Jr. DL Manual KY
2027 Andrew Hoerter Manual KY
2025 Kaden Baker ILB,OLB Manual KY
2024 Guy Dorsey Manual KY
2025 Leron Brown WR Manual KY
2024 Nasir Smith ILB Manual KY
2025 Aidan Miller OT Eastern KY
2024 Caleb King DE Eastern KY
2024 Trey Durbin ATH Elizabethtown KY
2025 Patrick Carr TE Fern Creek KY
2025 Jackson Dills OT Frederick Douglass KY Miami (OH)
2025 Logan Busson ILB Frederick Douglass KY Miami (OH)
2024 Davion Parker DE Huntingdon HS TN Memphis,Akron,NMSU,Hawaii                3
2024 Lukus McDaniels TE Jeffersontown High KY Marshall, EKU, WKU
2025 Camron McDaniels TE Jeffersontown High KY EKU4`
2025 Andrew Vrbancic LS,TE Louisville Male KY
2024 Montez Graham SAF Louisville Male KY
2024 Kevin Wilson Louisville Male KY
2024 Nasir Muhammad CB Louisville Male KY
2025 Antonio Harris CB  Louisville Male KY Louisville, Purdue                3
2025 Isaac Sowells Jr. OC Louisville Male KY Louisville, South Carolina, WF, NCST               3
2024 Max Gainey WR Louisville Male KY Purdue                3
2025 James-Michael Davis QB Madisonville North Hopkins KY
2024 Shaun Boykins Jr. WR North Hardin KY Louisville, WVU, Akron               3
2026 Ronald Lunz WR North Hardin KY
2024 Darius Wiley DE North Hardin KY WKU,EKU, IU, WVU,Purdue               3
2025 Gradey Anthony OT North Oldham KY
2025 Moses MaFuta DE,OL Paul Laurence Dunbar KY
2024 Dontre Richardson RB PRP KY
2025 Tucker Roth ILB PRP KY
2024 Malikii Blackburn PRP KY
Green=Offered by Louisville

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