#Quick Hitter55

Welcome to this weeks edition of Quick hitter55. I will do a quick breakdown of what I think will be key to a Louisville Football victory vs IU tomorrow at Noon at Lucas Oil Stadium. If you cannot make the trip then no worries! It will be televised on the Big Ten Network. If you want to watch what I think about how the Cards did last week & will do this week then tune into our YouTube show below! We also talked with Louisville legend Arnold Jackson!

So here are my keys to a victory…

1) The O-line must continue to open up holes for our talented RB corp & continue to protect the QB. TE’s have been great and have played their roles perfectly by mainly run & pass blocking. That’s why Plummer has had all day.He has also only been sacked once so far in the first 2 games. They have to protect a decent IU front 7.

2) Jack Plummer HAS to be quicker with his decision making but also stay consistent. He has overthrown, under thrown & flat out missed open reads. Nerves will do that to you. He will get better as the season goes on. Tomorrow can be that next step. He needs to carve IU up like a Thanksgiving turkey.

3) WR cannot get frustrated with the misses because it will correct eventually. Be cool & it will happen.

4) RB’s HAVE to keep playing well. Jordan is as explosive as ever. Guerrendo is proving to be a MAJOR 3rd down & go to heavy hitter. Love it! It gives off vibes of the RB stables we had in the past. Looks like we may have Freshman too in Brown that will be a factor. They will need to continue to hit the holes really hard to take advantage of IU. They are better at defending the rush than the pass.

5) Defensively, the Line has been great and has applied pressure & forced opposing QB’s into making bad decisions and forcing turnovers. A+ play so far. Keep that up. Defending vs 2 different QB’s will be a task. Tayven Jackson will not be an easy guy to bring down. Cannot let him get past the D-Line.

6) The Secondary has been good as well. They have not been burned and have defended at a high rate. No gripes with them. A- by them. Not worried about us defending them.

7) The only issues we have had was tackling in the middle of the field. I will not complain about the LB’s because anytime you replace 2 guys & a guy that goes to an SEC school you are gonna have a young LB group. They have to learn on the fly & look to be doing just that. If Jackson gets into the middle of the field it could be trouble.

8) The kicking game is been superb so far & there is nothing to complain about.

My prediction for the game is 41-17. Plummer will throw for about 280 & 2 running backs will get close to or over 100. Defense will be good as well. The biggest deal is that we have a ringer in Coach Brohm who knows IU like the back of his hand. Go Cards!


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