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Cat Barber: The Next Villain to Louisville Basketball?

Photo: Lion King

Photo: Lion King

If I had thought about doing this post sooner, I could have done more research and had more stats to give and really looked into how these guys played against Louisville. But since we play in less than 6 hours, I need to go ahead and post this… defines “villain” in the following way:

: a character in a story, movie, etc., who does bad things

: a person who does bad things

: someone or something that is blamed for a particular problem or difficulty

Over the years of watching UofL basketball, you always seem to have those players on opposing teams that you just don’t like. Maybe they are good kids, but they just had great games against the Cards and that bothers you. Maybe they acted like punks and pushed people around. It could be someone that only faced the Cards once, or faced them many times as a member in the same conference. You can have your own reasons.

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Rick Pitino Previews Sweet 16 Game Against NC State


A good 25 minutes of a Rick Pitino press conference. He talks NC State, “morons” that call into sports talk radio shows, and has a lot of laughter. Good stuff.

Video available here

Opening statement

Well, we’re obviously excited to be in the Sweet 16. We took a day off yesterday because a West Coast trip knocks a lot out of you. So today I’m sure we’ll have a little bit of a sluggish practice trying to get our feet back, but I think the adrenalin is going to be very high and we’re looking forward to playing another ACC basketball game, and we know how good NC State is because they beat us by 8-10 points at home. Not too many teams do that and they did it. We also realize they’ve won 8 out of 10, their frontcourt’s playing extremely well and their backcourt’s playing outstanding and they’ve beaten some pretty damn good teams on their court. We know it will be a hard-fought game, it’s not only an outstanding team we’re playing, but there’s a lot at stake.

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Steve Rummage: UofL Recruiting Update!

This recruiting piece was put together by our guy Steve Rummage. He updates you on the top recruiting stories for UofL in men’s and women’s basketball, as well as football! Enjoy, and Go Cards!

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