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Video: Kuric and Earl Throw Down on Notre Dame

Kyle Kuric      Earl Clark

Two of the biggest dunks in recent memory for the Louisville Cardinals came at the hands of the Fighting Irish. Kyle Kuric let the world know that white men can, in fact, jump. Earl Clark told Luke Harangody he was going up to the 10th floor and dropping him off at the 7th.

There is so much going on in this first video. Mike Marra open in the corner, and Kyle saying “Nah, I got this.” The reaction of the Notre Dame cheerleaders to what they just witnessed. The phantom technical on Kuric. Bobby Knight and Digger Phelps acting like Kuric just dropped an elbow on someone in a rivalry game and should be kicked out. Just so much going on here.

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Full Game: Louisville vs Notre Dame from 1989



Here are a few quick details about this game. If these don’t make you want to watch it, or at least some of it, I don’t know what will.

*Louisville’s starting lineup: LaBradford Smith, Felton Spencer, Everick Sullivan, Tony Kimbro, and Keith Williams.

*Head coaches: Denny Crum vs Digger Phelps

*Announcers: Keith Jackson and Dick Vitale

*Game: #13 Louisville vs #19 Notre Dame in Indianapolis.

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Digger Phelps: the dancer

Digger Phelps 2

By: Justin Renck

Unfortunately, Digger Phelps has been caught dancing on video in the past. I couldn’t be the only one to go through this, so here you go.

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Notre Dame player look-alikes!

Digger Phelps

We haven’t done this kind of post in a while, but Notre Dame has some good look-alikes on their team! Some are better than others, but they are all pretty good! Enjoy!

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