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ESPN Bracketology 3/3/14

Here is Joe Lunardi’s latest men’s basketball Bracketology.


ESPN’s Bracketology 2/24/14

ESPN’s Joe Lunardi has released his latest Bracketology, and the Cards are a 5 seed. Clearly, he still sees Louisville dropping a couple of games before the tournament starts. Right?


ESPN Bracketology February 17, 2014

In his latest Bracketology on ESPN, Joe Lunardi has the Louisville Cardinals as a 6 seed. In his last one, they were a 5. Maybe he sees the Cards losing a couple of games down the stretch? This particular bracket would be pretty tough as Louisville would face Oklahoma State, Creighton, and then Memphis or Kansas (if there aren’t upsets).


Vegas thinks the Cards (Men) will be a #1 Seed



While the mock selection group in Indianapolis has Louisville at a 6 seed, Las Vegas has released their bracketology and they believe the Cards will be a #1 Seed (along with Syracuse, Duke, and Iowa). Why is this interesting? Well first off Vegas isn’t far off very often (Remember mocking when they said Charlie was the favorite for Texas??). And believe it or not this is VERY possible.

If the Cards were to win out that would give them wins over top 10 Cincinnati on the road, top 25 wins over SMU and Memphis on the road, and a top 25 win over UConn at home. At that point the Cards would be close to if not in the Top 5 and an AAC Tournament Championship away from a 1 seed. Even with one regular season loss against a ranked team they would be in play.

Regardless of where the Cards end up one thing is for sure….It’s about to get fun.

#1 Louisville vs #16 Robert Morris
#2 Arizona vs #15 Davidson
#3 Kentucky vs #14 Mercer
#4 Ohio St vs #13 Georgia St
#5 San Diego St vs #12 Indiana
#6 UCONN vs #11 Marquette
#7 Gonzaga vs #10 Oklahoma
#8 Arizona St vs #9 California

Bracketology 2/10

Joe Lunardi’s new Bracketology released today is well…….interesting. First thing that jumps out is the possible UofL uk rematch in Orlando. I don’t think I need to explain why that is huge, the big winner there would be the city of Orlando. Second thing is WOW what a tough bracket! You could potentially have a second round matching up Wichita State vs Oklahoma State, Louisville vs Kentucky, Michigan State vs Texas, and Duke vs UConn.

We all know it won’t work out exactly like this but this shows what we all know…….It’s going to be a tough tourney.




ESPN Bracketology 2/6

photo (6)


Not a bad draw for the Cards. Pitino is undefeated in the Sweet 16 and that’s where they would get Arizona. IMO if your going to play Arizona in this scenario then give me them in the Sweet 16 and Elite 8 game would be MUCH easier.┬áTricky 3rd round game here against Iowa St. but if this were the bracket I’d be making my reservations in Dallas.

Full ESPN Bracketology

Cards #1 Seed in First Bracketology

ESPN Joe Lunardi has the Cards a #1 Seed in the West. While I don’t see anyway the Cards don’t end up in Indy or Memphis, I don’t see a bracket here I wouldn’t expect the Cards to win. Also Note that the Cards and Cats could both easily end up in St. Louis for the First couple rounds.




Latest Bracketology has the Cards as a 3 seed

By Justin Renck:

ESPN’s Joe Lunardi released his latest edition of Bracketology on Friday, and he has the Cards as a 3 seed in the East Region.

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