What is in store for the future of CSZ???

We are very excited for what is to come with the Cardinal Sports Zone. It has been nothing but fun so far, and it is only going to get better with the things we have in store. Here are some things to look forward to:

*Senior Year– We are working on securing a couple of UofL commits to help us with this section for next season, both football and basketball. In this feature, a player who has already committed to UofL will submit a blog–or a diary if you will–once or twice a week, talking about how their season is going. They will talk about their upcoming games, or talk about how their game just went. A lot of it will be left up to the player, and some details still need to be ironed out. But this will be a very unique section of the website (as most of our site is) and you will only see these particular entries on the CSZ site. Our first “Senior Year” participant will be announced on Friday, with more announcements to come down the road.

*Cardinal Rewinds– With the CSZ team that we have assembled, we have access to pretty much any former UofL player for interviews. This makes our Cardinal Rewind section one of our best features. With two former Cardinal athletes on staff (Jeremy played football; Tony played basketball), the doors are wide open for us to secure interviews with former Cardinal greats. We have asked on twitter for the fans to send us requests of former players you would like to see featured, and all of the responses have been great. We keep track of every single one, and are currently working on getting those done. We strive to have a 100% success rate on those requests for you!

*Fan Photo Gallery– We will soon be unveiling a new tab at the top of the site with photos that you, the fans, send us. Send us pictures of you and your family/friends at a UofL event, and it has a great shot of being posted into our fan photo gallery. We will of course send tweets and post on facebook when this tab is added, and you can begin sending us your Cardinal photos!

*Recruit Interviews– We kicked off our first set of recruit interviews with a big one. To secure an exclusive interview with a future UofL QB (Kyle Bolin) just shows where our standards are. Again, with the connections that we have as a whole team here at CSZ, there are no limits as to who we can reach and talk to. We already have more ready to post, and even more that are on the way eventually. In the next few days, we will post our first basketball recruit interview with 2013 recruit, Malik Price-Martin, so be looking out for that.

*National Signing Day– Wednesday, February 1 will be National Signing Day for college football. As you may know, our recruiting pages stay updated. For football, we have the commits listed. For the basketball years, we have the players that the Cards are strongly going after. On Signing Day, we hope to have something like we did for our UofL-UK rivalry feature, which is a constantly updated front page. Whenever a players Letter of Intent arrives and that player is officially a Card, we will update our list on the front page.

*Sponsors– We will also be posting some information about one of our sponsors soon. This company is definitely on the rise, and their products are great. As a fan of the Louisville Cardinals, you will want to check this out as well.

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