Kyle Bolin interview with CSZ

Kyle Bolin

We here at CSZ were able to get an exclusive interview with future UofL QB Kyle Bolin. Kyle is a 2013 commit from Lexington Catholic High School in Lexington, KY.
6’3 195 lbs
3.8 GPA
2011 stats: 3,088 passing yards- 29 TDs
                    300 rushing yards- 5 TDs 
CSZ: What made you decide that UofL was the right school for you?
Kyle: Louisville felt like the right fit for me. The closeness to home, the city, the campus, and the relationship I have with the coaches all played factors in my decision. Louisville was at the top of each category, and when I realized that, that’s when I knew I wanted to be a Cardinal.
CSZ: What do you know about the legacy of Quarterbacks that have come through UofL?
Kyle: I know that there have been some great QBs that have come through the University of Louisville, dating all the way back to Johnny Unitas to the more recent Brian Brohm. Louisville has put many QBs into the league.
CSZ: What is it like, as a UofL commit, living in Lexington, KY? Is your family mainly UK fans?
Kyle: Well it’s not as bad as people may think. Many people want me to do well at the next level and follow my dreams, and since I’m representing Lexington, they are for my best interest. Yes, I do get picked on every now and then but it’s all in good fun! And no I wouldn’t say my family members are UK fans. We have lived in Lexington my whole life and gone to UK games but none of us are die hard UK fans. My uncle, Danny Mudd, is a HUGE UofL fan though.
CSZ:What do you think about Charlie Strong and the staff? How about Shawn Watson?
Kyle: I can not speak enough good things about Coach Strong, Coach Watson, and the rest of the UofL staff. They are all men of strong character and have been very easy to get along with. The proof is in the pudding if you look at all the big time guys the coaches have brought in. Coach Watson is becoming one of my best friends and I can’t wait to be his pupil.
CSZ: Have you envisioned yourself taking snaps at QB for UofL in front of a packed house at PJCS?
Kyle: I envision that moment every night before I go to bed, and the feeling, and chills I get is indescribable. It’s a blessing to me knowing that I get to go to the place where I want to go, but also a place that wants me as well. The fans are amazing.
CSZ: Who are some players that you have looked up to growing up, or maybe tried to pattern your game after?
Kyle: I’ve always enjoyed watching Tom Brady, because he is not only one of the best QBs in the league, but the story of how he got there is very motivational. But mainly I have tried to model myself after Drew Brees because he isn’t the tallest QB in the NFL but he is accurate and very smart, which I feel are two strong points of my game as well.
CSZ: Are there any particular players that you would like to see commit to UofL with you?
Kyle: I would love to see Ross Douglas from Avon, Ohio commit here with me because we have been real close for the past few years and I know he’d enjoy it here. Also I want to see Uriah Lemay from North Carolina because he is a very athletic receiver and that’s what I need. Last but not least the Trinity Three: Ryan White, James Quick, and Jason Hatcher. All three are tremendous players.
CSZ: What would you say to the fans of CardNation?
Kyle: All I want to say to CardNation is…throw your L’s up and get ready because we are bringing Louisville back to the top and keeping it that way for a long time!
CSZ: Thank you very much for your time Kyle. Now here is a highlight video of Bolin from the 2011 season at Lexington Catholic!

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