Jeremy Wahman: Haters

                                                                            Jeremy Wahman

Jeff Goodman, Dick Vitale,John Calipari and…..Me? What do we all have in common? We have all been critical of the University of Louisville this season. Maybe its Jeff Goodman’s blatant barbs constantly thrown our way. Or it could be Dick Vitale’s constant need to mention UK every 5 seconds during a UL game and predict impending doom on us every time he does our games. Maybe its the D-bag next to Dicky that claims there are no other teams in the state of Kentucky. (see Murray State) Or maybe its the good looking guy at the end who has told everyone for weeks that right now we are a 10-15th ranked team at best. we have all done our fair share of criticizing.

Here are the facts: We have yet to play an entire 40 minutes of basketball. There has been a 10 minute drought in each of our last 5 or 6 games where you have looked at the screen and said what is that? A stagnant offense will kill a good team every single time. As good as Kyle Kuric’s three pointers spark us, his sometimes transparent defense kills us. (see Markel Starks)  (no really see, hes below this text) We DO NOT have a guy out there that we can depend on for 20 a game. That also is pertinent to team success. I am very critical of my team but only because i care. Not because i wanna make asinine comments like these other three goofs. I will be back on friday to share a few of my fondest rivalry stories. Until then, everyone stay blessed!

    Jeremy (#55)

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