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My First Blog

As I post the first blog for the website from my brand new Keyboard that my mom got me for Christmas, (pictured left) I think back to the year in UL sports and one thing really sticks to my mind. We should get ready for a ride. With our Football team seemingly on the cusp of greatness, A Mens Basketball team one consistent scorer (cmon russy) away from being NCAA champions and all of our other sports building on an already strong traditions, it should be quite the time to be a UL fan. When Justin, Steve and myself got together to do this site, we wanted to do something different. Yes we were gonna do a UL sportsite,there’s many, but what we wanted to do was to take all the things that aggravated us about the other sites and fix them so that people would fall in love with us.

I know that some has been explained but here’s how we all met. Way back in 2005, I decided i was ready to go finish my degree at the University of Louisville. I enrolled that fall with one of my childhood friends Terrance Farley. we had a class called the psychological aspects of sports and development, or something like that. That is where me and Justin met. We also had basketball class together which was awesome because me Justin and our buddy Jameson always ran the courts, it was fun. we have kept in touch over the years and reconnected when we started working for a different site.

In the fall of 2006 i started working while finishing up school at Geek Squad  in Shepherdsville when i met Steve. Me, him and our buddy Armando were so out-of-place there coolness-wise but as far as smarts, we had it. From day one i could tell the passion and knowledge Steve had for Cardinal Athletics. we worked there for about 2 years together before Steve pursued other intrests or Flanigan finally realized he wasnt coming back. We also stayed in touch ever since and that’s how that started.

Let me tell you about me now…..I was born a card. My entire family outside of my home were Kentucky fans. I got tired of hearing: uk will never lose,UL will never win,UL is  trash, uk is a treasure….etc….So i decided i didnt wanna be hateful i wanted to be part of a fan base that loved not hated. This continued throughout my childhood into adolescence. When i was a senior in high school i decided i was gonna go play football at UL. My 3 best friends at the time were freshmen. My brother Joey, My bro Lavell Boyd and my bro Tony Williams, you guys may have heard of the latter 2. well i got hurt my sr yr playing football so UL wasnt in the cards for me at the moment. Campbellsville here i come. They wanted to take a chance on me that my hometown team didnt due to my injury. Well i got hurt again, which was like fate because then Ron Cooper came rolling into town and wanted me to be a card. It was a long trip to a short path. the best part was the next year Lavell and tony would be on campus and we would be reunited. After my first season i was told my knee would never heal and my career was over. There i sat with my fellow freshman, arguably the greatest recruiting class we had ever had, Chris Redman, Ibn green, Don Bibb, etc…and i busted out in tears as my new friends got me thru it. Then the next 4 years i was engulfed in CardNation because Tony and Lavell were there. Then I just kind of always knew somebody there on the Basketball or Football team.Then Farley went there and i grew close with those guys….Juan,Perrin,Jerry, Sos, DC, Earl and Preston. This really the first year that I don’t really know anyone with the exception of Chris Smith.

Well i wanted to give you some background and insights on us and i may have gotten carried away. But i wanted you to see and know why we loved the cards so much and im sure the other two will share their stories in due time. Here at CardinalSportsZone we are gonna strive to give you an experience like never before. Our Cardinal Rewinds will show you what my former friends and cards are doing now. Our blogs will obviously show you what is on our minds. This past week I spent countless hours interviewing former cards for our piece on the UL/uk game this saturday with former cards such as Luke Whitehead,Alhaji Mohammed,Brandon Jenkins,Alvin Sims and another one of my best friends from college Samaki Walker. His Triple Double to this day remains as the only in rivalry history.  Where normally others may have stopped, i went the extra mile, i sat down with announcer Sean Moth and the radio voice of Cardinal Basketball Paul Rogers.

We really love CardNation and hope you love us back. We created this site so you wouldn’t have to guess what was rumor and what was fact. We want you guys to have the very best. Also if you have suggestions, feel free to shoot them our way. We are not lying when we say we want it to be the very best. even if its something small we will do our best to get it in. Well I hope you guys had a very happy holidays and i feel very blessed to have this forum for you guys to enjoy.

Jeremy (#55)

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