Jeremy Wahman: What’s Going on?

Whats Going On?

     OK, I come to you today after the debacle in Milwaukee (almost rhymed) yesterday afternoon. This season has most of CardNation wondering what’s going on like Peyton above. An 18-2 start sent most of CardNation into the feeling we had turned things around finally, we were on the right track, yeah! Umm, No. At almost the exact second we went up 18-2, I looked over at Steve and said don’t be surprised to see them come back. Every game we have a 7 minute stretch where we just fall apart in each half. I pointed this out to Steve and Chris and their joy turned to concern. While everyone else has been saying we deserve to be ranked high and thinking we would wipe the floor with everyone, I constantly told Steve I was worried. An inconsistent offense, a drought in each half every game and our inability to guard wide open three-point shooters worried me the entire season. Injuries didn’t help out either. This season has been a frustrating, aggravating and sometimes hair-pulling story. A lot of people wanna point the finger at coach however I do not feel he deserves all of the blame.

      I do know that a lot of people behind the scenes are saying that some on this team just doesn’t get along or like each other. I actually interviewed a former 2013 prospect   that said the practice he attended this fall that guys were screaming at each other and throwing the basketball at each other. This is ridiculous. Lets hope that they don’t act like this all of the time we have recruits on campus. So who do you blame? Coach can coach them and teach them plays but he can’t make them execute the plays or hit every basket. I think the biggest problem is the chemistry and injuries. Maybe guys trying too hard because they know once injured guys get back on the court or get to 100%, they may not get enough clock. Who knows? I sure don’t. What I do know is there is clearly an unrest in CardNation. A demand for improvement or a change at the top. This in my opinion wouldn’t solve anything until guys like Billy D,Sean Miller or Josh Pastner become available. I think people are also forgetting because we had a few good Springs that our previous Rick Pitino coached teams always lost 4 out of 8 games almost every year at the start, this is no different. We just need to have faith. Worst case scenario is we get to go back to Freedom Hall in the NIT for a throwback game. So strap yourself into your seats and let’s get ready for Jan-March Cardinal basketball. It will be a ride we wont soon forget….

 Jeremy (#55)

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