Jeremy Wahman: Who’s Next?

Who’s Next?

     Currently The University Of Louisville and North Carolina are tied at 63 for the amount of 1,000 point scorers. When I started to think about it, I wanted to know if we had anyone on the current team even close. I called the Sports Information Department to find out. I had thought Chris Smith Had but remembered he had scored a bunch of points with Manhattan therefore those points don’t count towards 1,000 point scorers in UL history. So I asked the lady who is the closest? She came back on the phone and said Kyle is with 757 points. So I started doing the math and here is what I came up with. We have 10 regular season games,1 guaranteed B.E tourney game and regardless of tourney we will play at least one in that tournament also. So that’s a total of 12 games. so 243 points need to be scored over the next 12 games to secure the 1000 point plateau, which is an average of 20.2 a game. This is not unattainable as long as he can keep getting healthier and better every game. Last night he uncharacteristically missed 2 or 3 three pointers that he doesn’t normally miss. He finished with 14 but could have had 21 had he made his Free Throw and hit those normally knocked down three’s. Lets say we go further, 10 Conf. games, 2 big east and 2 tourney games. He would only need 17.4 a game to do it. We can go on and on but here’s the ideal number for Kuric, 12.1. Kyle can average 12.1 a game and reach 1,000 if we win the Big East Tourney and The National Championship. With Kyle being close to 100% health and bringing the things he does to this team we will be on point. Siva is almost back to 100 as well. I truly feel we are getting healthier and more consistent and that the huge loss at Providence was our turning point. I know the team had some personal issues that I will not discuss but believe 100% that they have solved those problems and we are gonna be on one heck of a ride heading into March Madness. So buckle up and let’s cheer on the Cards! And once again here’s a little Kyle to get you through the day!

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