Steve Rummage: Panic Time?

Panic Time?

Ok let me start of by saying im in no way makiing any kind of excuse for what I seen out there on the floor last night at Providence. Last night we looked awful bad coaching and no effort, there is plenty of blame to go around. I would not place it on Coaches or Players in particular cause anyone who has played sports on a team knows you win as a team and lose as a team. BUT…. We have seen this before so is it Panic Time? I think not. Let me explain…..

04-05 Feb 9th @Freedom Hall, Memphis 85 Louisville 68  (team finished 33-5 and a Final four)

07-08 Jan 19th @Setan Hall, Setan Hall 92 Louisville 82 (team finished 27-9 a share of the Big East and a Elite 8)

08-09 Feb 12 @Notre Dame, Notre Dame 90 Louisville 57 (team finished 31-6 Big East regular season and tournament champs and Elite 8)

Last Four seasons on January 10th team was 13-2, 12-4, 11-3, and 11-4

Guys I showed all that to say dont jump off the ship this early. sure its tough we have lost 4 of the last 5 and yes we are going to hear the jokes at school or work but we have been here before and survived it. Ohio St has 3 loses Pitt and Uconn have struggled we are not the only team out there with problems (even though the media has made it sound that way sometimes). Soon Louisville will get Wayne Blackshear back who I promise you will elevate this team trust me on that. The chemistry has been a little off but this isnt the first time thats been the case. So some will read this and say yea but this is different and come on its not the same but lets be honest thats the same things we said the other times. This team has talent and can now go one of 2 directions either plummit to mediocracy or Rise up and be what we know they can be. I say they will rise and in a few weeks we will all be cheering and enjoying what I believe will still be a great season!

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