Steve Rummage: Short Memory

“Short Memory”


Ok Cards fans lets not downplay the happenings of this past week, its been rough. First the football team put on a sub par performance in the Belk Bowl only to give us hope and lose it in the end. Then there’s the basketball team…. dropping the two biggest games of the year up to this point. Card Nation if there was ever a week to dig a hole in the sand and put our head there, it was the one that just past SMH. But I bring good news and reasons to raise our head back high…..


1. 12-2 – Ok let’s be honest here the basketball team has struggled but who here would have taken 12-2 in the pre season… Come on now put that pride aside and admit you just like me would have been ecstatic. We are 12-2 and top 10 not to shabby.

2. It’s not mid January – Every year this team takes some dumb losses and we are all saying that’s ok just wait a Pitino coached team doesn’t hit stride till mid January. Well folks this team avoided the dumb loses this year and we can still say this team for sure has not hit their stride. Hang on to your seat with this team they are getting healthy and when they do get going we are going to be in for a fun March madness.

3. We have tons of chances for BIG wins – With a resume that will already look great in March ( no matter what my good friend Jeff Goodman Thinks ) the Cards still have plenty of big games ahead. @Marquette @Pitt @Cincy @ Cuse, Home against Pitt Cuse Uconn and that’s just to name a few. A #1 seed in the Ncaa tournament is not out of the question.


1. Future – The football team showed so much promise this year. They started slow but we all seen glimpses of the greatness that was to come in the near future. Not only with the players we have now but the ones we are bringing in. I have gotten a lot of questions lately about what I thought on some recruits so im going to answer them now….

– Anthony Wales  Prediction: UL Have talked with multiple people and have very good reason to believe he will be a Card

– Nick Dawson Prediction: UL See above explanation

– Josh Harvey – Clemons Prediction: UGA too much to over come here for Strong

– Keith Brown Prediction UL Brown recently took a visit to UL and told the players that he was coming there and I honestly expected him to commit soon after. Since then Ohio st came on very strong for Brown and i believed that’s where he would end up but Brown said he would not commit to a school he hadn’t visited. Well long story short he never made it to OSU so I say that’s good news for the Cards

– James Burgess Prediction UL

– Gerald Christian (Fla Transfer) Prediction UL i think the Robert Clark transfer locked this one up

So keep your heads up Card Nation the future is bright, have a short memory cause its only going to get better!

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