Cardinal Rewind: Danny Mosby

Danny Mosby

CSZ: What are you up to these days?

Danny: Thanks for asking. First and foremost I try to be the best representation of a child of God as I possibly can. I also strive to get better and better as a father to my lovely daughter Hayden D. Mosby, who is about the most beautiful 10-year-old little girl I could have ever prayed for her to be! Professionally, I’m actually a partner in one of the top promotional companies in regards to the urban demographic- Dream Team Entertainment. I specialize in attracting sponsorships from premium brands as well as small business’ seeking a platform to advertise their products or services, along with creating brand awareness. My partners are Tony Frank, Philip Thomas and Richard Ballard.

CSZ: What memories stand out to you the most about your time at Louisville?

Danny: Actually, one of my biggest memories is being a part of the UofL family at a time when there where 9 other teammates that where also teammates at Louisville Male High School. Chris Redman, Ibn Green, Don Bibb, Chris Pointer, Alvin Lloyd, Todrick Bradley, Antuan Wordlow, Rashad Holman, and Robert Walker. That was an awesome experience to go to college at our home school, and still have so many familiar faces that made significant contributions at both Male and UofL to help get those programs to where they are today. I don’t think there’s ever been that many local players at UofL at one time, before that or since. Shout out to Coach Bobby Redman!

CSZ: How do you feel about the current staff, and their squad?

Danny: I think Coach Strong is an excellent coach. A players’ coach that knows how to motivate and get more out of his players than even some fans may have expected. The players react very well to Coach Strong’s teachings, and play hard for him. I think they need to learn how to handle winning and losing a bit better, but that’ll come in time. They were fairly young, so still they’ve accomplished a lot in a short period of time. Usually it takes a new coach three or four years to achieve what Coach Strong has already achieved, because for the most part that’s the amount of time it takes to recruit the exact student/athlete that fits the specifics of that particular coaches program or playing style. So he’s well ahead of the curve in that regard. The staff also recruits very aggressively in the south, Florida especially, which has always been known to put out some of the best prospects in the country. They do so, and achieve a significant amount of success when soliciting those players as Clint Hurt is known as one of the best recruiters in all of college football. I’d say the program is close to being one of the tops in the nation and definitely the Big East.

CSZ: Do you ever have time to make it to any games these days?

Danny: Yes I try to make it to a few games a year. I really enjoy hearing the game on television though, so that I don’t miss anything, especially the commentary. I also enjoy that aspect of the game experience that involves having a few friends and teammates over to watch the game, and playing cards etc.

CSZ: Being a star athlete from Louisville, what made you choose to go to Louisville out of high school when you could have went anywhere at a time when we weren’t the popular choice?

Danny: I think every kid has dreams of hitting that game winning shot, or in my case scoring the winning touchdown for their home town school! But what made my decision back in that day was being able to play for the first African-American coach in the University’s history (Ron Cooper). I can remember that being very dear to both myself and my mother, and was the deciding factor. I looked at a number of different schools: Clemson, Wake Forest, Miami of Ohio, Murray State, Boston College, etc., but being apart of history was hard to beat.

CSZ: Talk about how far the program has come since your freshman year. Stadium expansion at PJCS, Big East, winning a BCS Bowl..

Danny: Well it’s been a complete 180! Everything from the facilities, to the move from Conference USA to the Big East, to the stadium being finalized, to even now the stadiums recent expansion. The last game I played in at the old Cardinal Stadium against East Carolina, I think there were 6,000-10,000 fans, so the fans showing up to support on a consistent basis is a great thing to see. In addition, winning the Orange Bowl a few years ago aided in a number of different additions to not only the athletic department facilities, but the University as a whole. It’s a much more beautiful campus for the students attending now, than when I was there, and that helps to attract not only the best athletes, but some of the best students as well. So I’m proud to see that the football program has joined in with the Basketball program and other sports to contribute to the overall experience in being a student and student-athlete at the University of Louisville. We all know that this is a basketball state for the most part, and the Basketball program in the past was solely responsible for some of these very things I’m mentioning, because of National Championships, and NCAA tournament wins. That’s essentially what shined the light on Louisville. But the football program, soccer programs, field hockey, baseball, tennis, softball etc, has joined in to take some of the pressure off the Basketball program. This has also made the University of Louisville one of the best when you’re talking about all of the sports programs combined. I think we have one of the best programs in regard to attendance as well as generating revenue. In addition, we have just as many teams ranked in the top ten every year as any other big time programs. I think that is a testament to the work Tom Jurich has done! Which is why he was named that Athletic Director of the year back in ’07, and deservingly so.

CSZ: Do you still keep in touch with some of your teammates from those teams?

Danny: Yes I do! Ibn Green, Don Bibb, Arnold Jackson, Chris Pointer, Chris Redman, Deion Branch, Zek Parker, Damien Dorsey! These guys are all still some of my best friends to this very day. We talk almost daily about the progress of the program and how proud we are to have been a part of the foundation.

CSZ:  If you could say one thing to CardNation, after all these years, what would it be?

Danny: To CardNation I would say thank you for your support during a tough period, and your continued support and dedication to the young guys now. I can’t express to you enough how important it is to show these young guys that even when things don’t go as planned, that you guys are still there for them and will show up to cheer them on. That’s valuable to the student-athlete and we can’t thank you enough. My experience was wonderful and something I can pass down to my child and beyond. And of course, GOOOOOOOOCARRDDDSSSS!!!!!!!!!

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