Jeremy Wahman: We Can Do Ittttttt!

We Can Do Ittttttt!

     We CAN do it. CardNation after weeks and weeks of hearing about Pitino should be fired, or this team sucks, one thing is for sure, I have been right all along. lol. After every up and every down, I reassured you guys that we were gonna be just fine and if we played in the NCAA’s like we did in the Big East tourney, we would go far. Just take time and read all of my blogs today to see what all has come out of my mouth that’s been right. Well enough about me…on to the main event….Our epic showdown with uk.

This game is the most important game in the history of the sport for us. Win and we are one step away from winning a National Championship. Something not many people thought we could do at the middle of the year, or any part of the year for that matter. We started off hot record-wise but we were beating horrible teams by 8-10 points while they were beating teams by 20+. It’s simple: win and we have a shot at a title, lose and we will never be able to hear the end of it for the rest of our lives unless we met in the title game and beat them sometime in the future. It’s not very likely that that particular match-up would ever happen. We HAVE to win Saturday, we have to. But the experts do not think we can and I’m ok with that.

I for one am happy the “experts” have picked against us for this game. They have picked against us in every other game this tourney. Barkley had us losing to New Mexico, Seth Davis has picked against us every step of the way, Doug Gottlieb….smh…I’m actually sorry I even brought up his name. It’s us against the world and I wouldn’t have it any other way. That’s how it’s been the whole tourney. But it really doesn’t matter if they believe in us, we have to believe. Believe that Kyle’s 3 is gonna start to fall, that Gorgui keeps playing this defense, believe that Chane will be our freshman that leads us to the promise land. We have to believe that we can reach back and break that glass in case of emergency and bring Russy out to play, believe that Mr. Dependable Chris Smith will continue his consistency, believe that the other freshmen can make an impact somehow. We must believe we can win. I told you guys in my earlier blogs that this was gonna be a roller coaster ride. I am glad it has been just that. We have finally started to gel and click as a team and no better time to do it then March/April. Even Swopshire is grabbing boards and hitting three pointers as of late, this has to be a sign.

With all of this being said, win or lose I am proud to be a Cardinal and will always be proud. Congrats to Coach Pitino and the team for an awesome season. Win or lose this season was a success. Win or lose we can hold our heads high and know that a team full of  “nobodies” made it just as far as a team of future NBA players. Win or lose all I’m gonna say is Go Cards! And now some words from Rob Schneider’s character in the Waterboy to the team.


Go Cards!

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