Local 2014 star talks to CSZ

Reggie Bonnafon

When you are a Quarterback at Trinity High School, that comes with a lot of expectations, and probably some high-caliber college offers by the time you get to be a senior. Reggie Bonnafon is only a junior, and will be a backup this season, but next year he will start, where every year the expectation is a state title. Even without beings the starter yet, he already has college offers. Reggie took some time to talk with us at CSZ about different things from following in the footsteps of other big name Trinity QBs, his college offers, and more…

Reggie Bonnafon

6’1   175 lbs

Quarterback- Trinity High School

Louisville, KY

CSZ: Did you grow up as a UofL or UK fan? And will that have any impact on where you decide to go to college?

Reggie: I grew up in a divided house and I grew up as a Kentucky fan and still am today. Being a Kentucky fan won’t have any impact on Louisville football. I’m really open to all doors right now.

CSZ: What is it about Charlie Strong and the Louisville program that you like?

Reggie: I just love how the coaches keep it real with you; and how everything that the program is doing is going up very fast.

CSZ: What is it like to be the QB at Trinity, who has produced some big name QBs in recent years, like Brian Brohm and current Cardinal Will Stein?

Reggie: It’s really humbling to know that there are greats that have been in my shoes and it makes me have a great drive to be better than the greats that once played before me.

CSZ: Who do you have offers from so far?

Reggie: I only have 2, and that is Louisville and Illinois, but I have a lot of schools showing major interest.

CSZ: What schools have shown interest and keep in touch with you?

Reggie: Arkansas, Kentucky, Ohio State, Penn State, West Virginia, Central Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Marshall.

CSZ: That is quite an impressive list. Do you have a favorite?

Reggie: I haven’t sat down with my family to make any type of list. But right now Louisville is at the top.

CSZ: What will be the biggest factors that play into your decision on where to attend college?

Reggie: It would have to be location and academics. I don’t want to go too far away from my family and playing time early is not a big factor at all. Being at Trinity and waiting my turn, I have matured and have gotten a better feeling for the offense.

CSZ: How would you describe the type of football player that you are? Do you try to pattern your game after anyone specific?

Reggie: I would say that I have a very cool and mellow type of play and many people say I play the game very smooth. I would have to say I take bits of things from all different QBs but I would say Robert Griffin III and Cam Newton would be the top two.

CSZ: As a hometown kid, but a UK fan, what would it mean to you to be a football player for the Louisville Cardinals?

Reggie: It would be great! When I got offered to Louisville, Coach Strong made a good point that most hometown kids that have gone to Louisville have been very successful and the town really follows and supports them!

CSZ: Ok Reggie, thanks for taking the time to talk with us and good luck this season!

Reggie: Ok thanks a lot!

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