Update on the Charlie Strong/Auburn rumors!

This is posted on Auburn’s 24/7 site. Very interesting! This is the guy who first reported that Charlie Strong had a phone conversation with Auburn. Now read what he says.


Sorting out the Charlie Strong story


  • It’s been a crazy last hour.

    First, a story broke that Auburn had interviewed Louisville coach Charlie Strong. In response, I made a call and was told it wasn’t an interview but a telephone conversation. I quickly reported that here. Then, I was told that maybe it had been a search firm that reached out to Strong, which is an entirely different thing than even a telephone conversation. One thing that is certain is that there was no conversation with athletics director Jay Jacobs.

    Strong has denied having any contact at all. His team plays Rutgers for the Big East championship on Thursday night.

    The bottom line is this: Strong has not been interviewed in any true sense of the word. He is on Auburn’s list of candidates. He might yet be interviewed.

    Sorry for the craziness and the confusion.

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