Distance from Louisville to ACC schools

By Justin Renck:

Here are the mapquest distances from Louisville, KY to the campus of each ACC school.

Virginia Tech

Blacksburg, Virginia   6 hours 13 minutes; 385.06 miles


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania   6 hours 33 minutes; 390.53 miles

Georgia Tech

Atlanta, Georgia   6 hours 42 minutes; 418.78 miles

Wake Forest

Winston-Salem, North Carolina   7 hours 13 minutes; 459.20 miles


Clemson, South Carolina   7 hours 19 minutes; 438.51 miles


Charlottesville, Virginia   7 hours 39 minutes; 492.73 miles


Durham, North Carolina   8 hours 39 minutes; 540.43 miles

North Carolina

Chapel Hill, North Carolina   8 hours 44 minutes; 544 miles

North Carolina State

Raleigh, North Carolina   9 hours 4 minutes; 563.53 miles

Florida State

Tallahassee, Florida   10 hours 53 minutes; 667.78 miles


Syracuse, New York   11 hours 12 minutes; 678.04 miles

Boston College

Chestnut Hill, Massachussettes   16 hours; 977.14 miles


Coral Gables, Florida   16 hours 59 minutes; 1089.52 miles



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