Wednesday morning Charlie Strong update

Louisville Cardinals v South Florida Bulls

By Justin Renck:

What a rollercoaster story this has been! This has blown conference news out of the water when it comes to how many times I have heard things go back and forth. As of right now (8:05 a.m.), nothing is official, but things are leaning a certain way, so here is the update…

It now appears that Charlie Strong will be staying at UofL. Beginning Monday night, and then picking up steam all day Tuesday, it appeared that Strong would be taking the job at Tennessee. Then late last night, I started to hear rumblings that he would, in fact, remain at UofL. Last night was so crazy that around 9:00 pm, I had people telling me that he had accepted the Tennessee job and it would be announced on Wednesday, and at the same time, I was getting texts saying that he was for sure staying at UofL. The only difference was, the people who were texting me that he was staying actually had legit information. The ones that said he was leaving just saw it on ESPN. I assume they just saw that he was the front-runner, but I am not sure.

As of last night, Tennessee was claiming to have not offered the position to Strong, but I believe otherwise. So no telling what you will hear when it comes to that part of the story.

So that is the update as of right now. I do believe he will be back, but until it is official, I can only give you an opinion-based update. Once it becomes official either way, I will probably write another blog about what a rollercoaster of emotions that this really was from my perspective.

Go Cards!


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