Biggest Card March ever???

Charlie Strong

By Justin Renck:

I saw a tweet from the guys at Louisville Sports Live about this the other night, and it got me thinking. Charlie was disappointed with the last Card March before the UConn game. Let’s make it up to him! Everyone that is going to the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans, let’s have the biggest Card March ever when the team arrives to the Superdome! How awesome would that be?

I am hoping to get together with the other local bloggers on this to spread the word. I have also talked to someone at UofL about making this happen and getting me the information about when and where the team will arrive before the game. So keep a look out for this if you are going to the Sugar Bowl!

*Side note: ElleRaiser is also organizing a Card March in Louisville for the team before they leave for New Orleans, so we will pass that info along as well!

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