Justin Renck: CSZ turns 1 year old


By Justin Renck:

I am not sure how many people will read this today, kind of some other things going on! But that’s ok, it still needs to be written.

1 year ago today, we launched CardinalSportsZone.com. About a month before that, we started the twitter account @CardSportsZone so we could build a little fan base before the sight launched. In this past year, we have worked as if we have 1 million fans. It has been a fun year for sure! We have done our best to bring you all of the news from every UofL sport, recruiting updates, former player interviews, and mixing in some fun stuff along with it.

Looking back now, we have actually been spending the whole year building a fan base. We still have so much room to grow, but I think we have had a great start in doing that. We have some loyal followers that have been there from the start, and some new ones that are finally getting word of us and checking out the site. So to all of those people who take the time to read our tweets and our stories on the site, I thank you. It means more than you know.

To all of our media friends that Jeremy named in his 1 year write-up, I want to say thanks to you too. I mainly know you through twitter, and maybe not so much in person. That is because for football, I let the rest of the crew handle the media passes and attend games since I had season tickets and wanted to attend as a fan. Most of that is because I lived in Auburn, AL the last 4 years, so I just wanted to enjoy a full season of tailgating and going to games with friends.

To only be around for 1 year and be able to get a media pass for the Sugar Bowl speaks volumes for what we have done, the direction we are going, and our relationship with the UofL athletic department. We have done things the right way, and it is keeping us on a good path.

So without making this a novel, I will wrap this up now. But I just wanted to say thank you to all of you that read our stuff, and to keep spreading the word about us. Trust me, 2013 is shaping up to be even better for Cardinal Sports Zone!

Go Cards!


I leave you with this video for no real reason, other than it’s Christmas time.

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