Paige Sherrard: CSZ turns 1 year old


By Paige Sherrard:

My journey to become a female Sports Reporter came out of nowhere. I was at my last Sigma Kappa Sorority Formal when one of the sorority advisors informed me of an opportunity to compete for a spot on a CN 2 sports show. The show was called KSTV… Matt Jones was the host. I knew of Matt Jones from his Twitter arguments with UofL fans and his hatred of UofL. His anti Louisville tweets were enough to motivate me to not only attend the KSTV Casting Call but to win the spot on the show. I wanted the chance to call out Matt Jones.

The day of the audition, I came in with a notebook full of notes and a kick-you-know-what attitude. By the end of round two, I received three yes’ from the judges. I was going to the TV/Voting Round and was the only diehard UofL fan in the Top 60.

I promoted myself via twitter as the diehard UofL fan that would take on Matt Jones. A few UofL sites and blogs, including Cardinal Sports Zone, blasted out tweets and blogs to their followers. The support I received from Card Nation was incredible.

While I didn’t make the Top 15, I gained relationships with various UofL sites. One site, in particular caught my attention. Members of Cardinal Sports Zone had continued support and communication after the KSTV dust had settled. I went out on a limb and asked two members if I could join the team. A few days and a team meeting later, I was added to the Cardinal Sports Zone Dream Team!!!!

Working with my teammates at Cardinal Sports Zone has been an incredible experience. To pin point a favorite memory is impossible. With the CSZ team by my side, I’ve been able to represent CSZ as a part of the media on several occasions. Attending a meeting with Kenny Klein, attending the Governor’s Cup Press Conference, attending an open football practice and pushing my way to the front of the media circle to ask Coach Strong and various players questions, receiving press passes to football games and being on the sidelines, almost being tackled by Nate Nord while on the sidelines… These are only a few of the things I’ve been able to do with my team.

To say I’m thankful to be a part of the Cardinal Sports Zone Dream Team is an understatement.

As the one year mark approaches, I am so excited for the future of Cardinal Sports Zone. We made great connections in the first year and are using those connections to grow.

The next few weeks are going to be HUGE. Leading up to Saturday’s rivalry game between our beloved CARDS and that unranked team down the road, CSZ is blasting out great content to fuel the fire of passionate UofL fans… At the expense of UK of course. Then we head down to New Orleans to bring you the latest news from the Allstate Sugar Bowl.

2013 is our year.

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