James Quick chooses the Cards!


James Quick

By Justin Renck:

Well it was the news that Cards fans have been waiting for! James Quick, Kentucky’s Mr. Football from Trinity High School here in Louisville, KY, has committed to play football at the University of Louisville! He announced it during the U.S. Army All-American Bowl on NBC.

Quick is a 6’1 180 lb wide receiver. Scout lists him as a 5* and the #2 wide receiver in the country! ESPN has him as a 4* and the #10 wide receiver. Rivals lists him as a 4* and the 14th best wide receiver in the country. Of course all of these recruiting services vary with their opinions, but those seem to have a pretty consistent message: James Quick is a great player.

Quick had offers from all over the place, but in the end, his final 2 were UofL and Ohio State. Up until the time that he committed, you would hear different reports that he was going to UofL, and then hear that he was choosing Ohio State. No one really knew until the time he said it himself.

Although he had narrowed his choices down in recent months, here were his most notable other offers: Ohio State, Oregon, Alabama, Notre Dame, Auburn, Arkansas, LSU, Oklahoma, Michigan, West Virginia, Tennessee, and Michigan State. Let that sink in a little bit, and just look at that list of schools!

In a big understatement, this is a huge pick-up for Coach Strong and the Cards! Adding Quick to the current wide receivers just seems unfair. I can see them using him in screens, reverses, sweeps, and kickoffs. Not to mention possibly in normal wide receiver spots. I just mean he could see time all over the place as a true freshman.

In my opinion, the Cards were always the team to beat. The move to the ACC and Coach Strong staying at UofL were probably the deciding factors. I would not have blamed him had he chosen to play for Urban Meyer and the Buckeyes. Anyone that would get upset at a kid for that is just selfish. So I would have understood it, but I am certainly glad he chose to play for the Cards!

It is safe to say, that the train is continuing to roll!

Go Cards!


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