CSZ is feeling SUGAR sweet!

By Paige Sherrard:

CSZ is still on a Sugar high from the Sugar Bowl… And it seems we aren’t the only ones still celebrating our momentous win over Florida. Recently, the University of Louisville Director of Digital Media, Jeff Rushton, hooked us up with a few Sugar Bowl Fan Posters to giveaway to our awesome followers. And what better time to revisit Bourbon Street than Mardi Gras?!

Make sure you keep up with our tweets, Facebook posts and blogs in the next week or two for your chance to win a Sugar Bowl Fan Poster. Contests will be tweeted out and posted on Facebook.

If you don’t want to test your luck with giveaways, you can order a Sugar Bowl fan poster from the following link:


If you purchase the Cards Come Marchin’ in poster and the Cardinal head fan photo poster, you will receive the Teddy 5 fan photo poster for free!!

Here are the posters:

Sugar Bowl poster

Sugar Bowl Poster

Sugar Bowl Poster 2

Remember, be sure to follow us on twitter and facebook to keep up with how to get these posters!

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Facebook: Cardinal Sports Zone

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