Another Sugar Bowl poster contest!

Sugar Bowl Poster

By Justin Renck:

We have another Sugar Bowl poster to give out! This one will be for anyone, twitter and facebook both included! It has to do with the men’s basketball game tonight against Rutgers! And it specifically deals with Russ Smith! Here are the details…

-You have to guess how many points Russ Smith will score tonight against Rutgers. To have a chance to win, you have to guess the exact amount of points, not just be the closest.

-Should there be multiple people with the correct number of points, there will be 2 tiebreakers. The first is how many assists Russ will have. The 2nd is how many rebounds he will have. So when you send us your guess, send us all 3 stats.

-If it goes to the tiebreakers, the winner will NOT have to have those stats exactly right, just be the closest.

-So tweet us or comment on the Facebook post. Only 1 entry per person!

-Good luck, and Go Cards! Beat Rutgers!

*To buy the posters without entering the contest, just click this link.

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