2014 running back from South Carolina talks to CSZ

Andre Stoddard

Andre Stoddard is a running back in the class of 2014 from Greenville, South Carolina. He is being recruited by UofL and has been shown interest from other big schools as well. Stoddard recently took the time to answer some questions about his recruitment and other things. Enjoy!

Junior Stats: 2,775 rushing yards (South Carolina single season state record) 40 touchdowns (ranks 4th single season all-time), 3,200+ all-purpose yards. (Scout.com)

CSZ: How has the recruiting process been for you so far?

Stoddard: It’s been good. And I am looking forward to visiting some schools over the summer.

CSZ: Any that you know of for sure that you will visit?

Stoddard: Louisville, Kentucky, Clemson, South Carolina, Georgia. And I am working on a couple more schools to visit but they aren’t final yet.

Random fact: Stoddard was born with only 2 fingers on his left hand…

CSZ: How has being born with only 2 fingers on your left hand had an impact on the way you play football? Or just anything at all in your life?

Stoddard: Not at all. It has not had an impact on anything. If anything, it has had a positive impact on everything. It doesn’t limit anything that I do.

CSZ: Awesome! That is great to hear.

CSZ: So at this point, do you have a top list of the schools that you are interested in?

Stoddard: In no particular order: Louisville, Kentucky, Georgia, South Carolina, Clemson, and Tennessee.

Andre Stoddard 2

CSZ: What do you like about Louisville?

Stoddard: I loved the facilities, coaching staff, atmosphere, and the emphasis on education.

CSZ: What are your expectations for your high school team, St. Joseph’s, this season?

Stoddard: I think that we will do really well. We are excited as a unit and are looking forward to improve a lot from last year. We are striving to be the best offense in the county of Greenville.

CSZ: Now for some random questions. What are your favorite things to do when you aren’t playing football?

Stoddard: I like to workout, stay active, hangout with friends.

CSZ: Who are your 5 favorite musical artists?

Stoddard: Big Sean, Meek Mill, Drake, Chief Keef, and JCole

CSZ: Who are your favorite pro teams or athletes?

Stoddard: I’m a huge Dallas Cowboys fan. I enjoy watching football on the professional and collegiate levels. I also enjoy watching basketball. My favorite athletes are Adrian Peterson and Kevin Durant.

CSZ: Favorite movie and TV Show?

Stoddard: My favorite movie is “The Blind Side.” And my favorite TV Show is the “Real Housewives” series.

The Blind Side

CSZ: Good deal! We definitely appreciate you taking the time to do this for us.

Stoddard: Thanks for your time and thanks for doing the interview!

Here is Stoddard’s highlight tape from the 2012 season!


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