OSU Pres. Gordon Gee spouts off and UofL Responds



By: Steven Rummage

Gordon Gee comments:

The top goal of Big Ten presidents is to “make certain that we have institutions of like-minded academic integrity,” Gee said. “So you won’t see us adding Louisville,” which is also joining the ACC.


Louisville’s Response:

Pres. Ramsey

“I would say in that particular president’s case, it’s not unusual at all, to make statements, and then have to retract them later,” U of L president Dr. James Ramsey said. “I thank my lucky stars I’m not president of Ohio State and had some of the probation problems and some of the NCAA problems  that they’ve had.”


Additional Response

““We understand this is not the first time President Gee has made statements he has regretted. We accept his apology. But we will go ahead and send information to his office that might improve his knowledge of the school which is, perhaps, experiencing the sharpest upward trajectory of its academic and athletic programs of any school in the country.”

Am I the only one that is kind of seeing President Ramsey in a Greek God role right now! Gosh I love this University. Oh and Gee also took shots at Uk………Which I’m ok with.




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