Open Scholarship. Who Fills it? (VIdeo)


By: Steven Rummage

With Rick Pitino recently making it clear that Zach Price would more than likely no longer be on the Louisville Basketball team, we now all know there is an open scholarship. So now to the Million Dollar question: Will and if so Who will Pitino get to fill that spot? Well the answer to that is simply, No one really knows. But while no one is 100% certain there have been a few names floating around and one would be a blockbuster! That name: Dante Exum. Dante Exum (6’6 188 lbs) is a 5* Combo guard that lives in Australia and for those that didn’t know (like myself) the Australian school year ends around November. This  would mean that even though Exum is in the 2014 class he would be able to join the school of his choice in December for the 2nd semester. Now yes I know what you are saying, We are loaded with guards. But trust me when I say Dante Exum is a World Class player that would take the Cardinals to another level. Exum has said in recent interviews that Louisville is among his favorite schools so there wouldn’t be that much of a surprise to see him end up in the Ville.

OK OK still not sold on Exum how about this, has Dante Exum going number 9 in the 2014 NBA draft ahead of the likes of Aaron Harrison, Mitch McGary, Isaiah Austin, James McAdoo and Gary Harris just to name a few.


Again to this point theres nothing more here than complete speculation but Hey it’s fun to think about right? Either way Cards are loaded next season and it’s going to be another fun ride to March!!


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