Reggie Bonnafon’s Senior Year Journal: UofL football camp

Reggie Bonnafon

2014 Louisville QB commit Reggie Bonnafon (Trinity) has agreed to do a Senior Year Journal for CSZ. He will keep us updated about the summer workouts and how things are going for him. It should be pretty interesting stuff! In his second entry, Bonnafon talks about attending UofL’s football camp this past weekend!

“This past weekend I had a great time being on campus with the coaches and the incoming freshmen. I camped at Louisville on Saturday and Sunday and was able to throw to my future teammate and wide receiver George Rushing (@GR_CloudChaser1). He is a great athlete that runs great routes and also has the speed to break away from the defense at any given time.

I also was able to workout with Coach Shawn Watson and the new addition to the coaching staff and former Trinity QB and Louisville QB William Stein! It was good to go out there and be able to work with the coaches that I will be playing for here in the near future.

I also was on campus Saturday night with former teammate James Quick. We went around the campus and had a pretty fun night and it gave me a taste of what the college life will be like once I get to Louisville!

I have told the Louisville coaches this and I would like to let the readers know that I will not be camping anywhere else but at Louisville over the summer. Since I’ve committed I want to stay loyal to my fellow commits and future teammates and also the coaching staff. I have always been told since I was a little kid by my mother that “Your word is your bond” and I want to be the leader of this class and show that I am 100% Cardinal! 

I will be doing a half day at Louisville’s camp this weekend, I’m not sure of the day but you can follow me on twitter (@RegSoSpiffy) and I will be posting the date that I will be going to camp!

This past weekend made me realize why I decided to make my decision January 6, 2013 to be a Card! I love everything about our program and I am excited for what we have in store as well! GO CARDS!”

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